Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Lasik Doctor

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We’ve put together a list of the Top 10 most important questions you should ask when doing your homework on lasik surgeons in your area.  Not all ophthalmologists are created equal!  The best way to select the surgeon who is right for you is to ask as many questions as you can think of.

1.) How many years of experience do you have? 

You will need to select an experienced Lasik surgeon. You not only want to select a physician who has been practicing for a long time, but one who has performed several Lasik surgeries. The more experience, the better. Read reviews and watch video testimonials from previous patients.  Find out what they have to say about their LASIK experience.

2.) Are you the surgeon performing my surgery? 

The Lasik doctor should be the only person performing the procedure. If this procedure is performed by another person who is less skilled, then this will expose the patient to unacceptable risks.

3.) What happens after my surgery?

Immediately after your LASIK treatment, you will be sent home with pre-arranged transportation and stay out of sunlight for the remainder of the day.  Your doctor will schedule your post-operative appointment within 24 hours of your surgery. The surgeon should also schedule several other follow-up visits. This ensures that you are healing properly and are not having any complications.

4.) Do you perform any other types of vision treatment? 

It’s helpful to find an ophthalmologist who services more than just Lasik vision correction.  That said, it’s not the most important criterion to base your decision.   It is important to choose a physician who can treat several types of eye conditions.

5.) Do you record surgical outcomes and publish those statistics?

The success rate of Lasik eye surgery is very high. That is why your Lasik eye surgeon should have the surgical outcomes published in a peer-reviewed journal.  At the very least, request to see any statistical data that the medical practice is legally allowed to provide for you regarding past success and failure rates.

6.) Is your advertised price the actual cost of surgery?

The price that you see advertised should be what the surgery really costs.  It should also include the cost of the pre and post-operative evaluation.  If there are additional fees, find out what those are before you commit to anything.

7.) What’s more important, me or the money?

A good Lasik surgeon cares more about the safety of their patient and the outcome of the surgery than income.  This isn’t necessarily the type of question you ask outright. Rather, assess how you feel toward your surgeon and the medical staff at the practice to gauge whether you will be treated with the highest quality medical attention possible.

8.) Is the LASIK Center accredited?

Lasik eye surgery should only be performed at a center or office that is a part of an accredited facility.   Ask about the accreditation bodies for the center, and about the certifications your surgeon currently holds.

9.) Does medical insurance cover my LASIK. 
No, medical insurance still does not consider LASIK a medical necessity.  Under the “elective” surgery category, it doesn’t extend coverage even though the cost-savings over time is greater than if you opted to stay in glasses or contacts for the rest of your life.

10.) Is Financing Available. 

Yes.   Lasik of Nevada proudly offers our patients alternatives to paying out of pocket, up front.  For more information about the financing options available to you, please fill out our financing questionnaire at the bottom of the Finance page.