Describing the LASIK Procedure (Patient Testimonials)

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In this video, we feature a number of LASIK of Nevada patients as they describe what the LASIK procedure was really like for them.

Alex – “On the day of the procedure, I walked in, I was nervous, wasn’t sure quite what to expect. I had asked around and some friends told me, “It’s simple don’t worry about it, it take longer to prep than the actual procedure does,” and they were right. I walked in, signed some papers, reviewed some things, prepped, got ready, and then I go into the back room for the procedure and I’m done!”

Annette – “I was very nervous about this procedure when I got there, but once I actually talked to the staff, they calmed me down and they helped me with any questions I had, and they made me feel very comfortable. The actual procedure was very easy and very fast. As soon as they started, I felt I was there for maybe 3 minutes or so, and I was done.”

Kyle – “The procedure was kind of surreal because, they lay you down, and you float around these machines, and you walk out and you’re done. It’s kind of surprising how flawless it is. The doctor talks you through the procedure and you’re in and out. “

Marcela – “The procedure itself was interesting. It was crazy how a little laser can correct your vision, but it was super quick. It was so quick, and prior to the procedure is what takes the longest, but once you’re in there, you’re in you’re out, and go home and sleep…that’s what you want to do is sleep right after!”

Dede – “The day of the procedure, I went in for all the paperwork and do all the initial prep work, and then I went back for the procedure itself and it was really fast, really easy. Dr. Rothman was great! He talked to you a little bit about the procedure itself and explained to you how everything was going to be. He has a great sense of humor, he talked me through the procedure itself, and it went really well. It was really fast and easy.”

Dan – “I would describe the procedure as very fast! It does not take any amount of time at all, I was actually pretty amazed. I previously thought that it’s going to take a couple of hours with the doctor in my eye, and literally the procedure takes, I think, less than 10 minutes.”