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Careers that Require Excellent Vision

Most people don’t have a perfect vision, but it’s no big deal. ¬†We have many options to improve our eyesight including contact lenses, glasses, and laser eye surgery.¬†¬† There are, however, certain¬†occupations that only accept applicants who have perfect vision. ¬†Here are a few of those professions that require good, if not flawless, eyesight. Public … Continue reading Careers that Require Excellent Vision

Top 3 Reasons To Get Monovision

Are wearing your¬†contacts and your reading glasses when you read? Maybe you wear bifocal glasses instead? Presbyopia (farsightedness) is tough to deal with as it¬†creep up on you around age 40. ¬†¬†Even if you are¬†already nearsighted. The struggle is frustrating, annoying — and entirely unnecessary.¬†¬†With Lasik eye surgery, we have a solution called Monovision. Imagine … Continue reading Top 3 Reasons To Get Monovision