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Careers that Require Excellent Vision

Most people don’t have perfect vision, but it’s no big deal.  We have many options to improve our eyesight including contact lenses, glasses, and laser eye surgery.   There are, however, certain occupations that only accept applicants who have perfect vision.  Here are a few of those professions that require good, if not flawless, eyesight. Public Service … Continue reading Careers that Require Excellent Vision

Top 3 Reasons To Get Monovision

Are wearing your contacts and your reading glasses when you read? Maybe you wear bifocal glasses instead? Presbyopia (farsightedness) is tough to deal with as it creep up on you around age 40.   Even if you are already nearsighted. The struggle is frustrating, annoying — and entirely unnecessary.  With Lasik eye surgery, we have a solution called Monovision. Imagine … Continue reading Top 3 Reasons To Get Monovision