Top 3 Reasons To Get Monovision

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Top 3 Reasons To Get Monovision

Are wearing your contacts and your reading glasses when you read? Maybe you wear bifocal glasses instead? Presbyopia (farsightedness) is tough to deal with as it creep up on you around age 40.   Even if you are already nearsighted. The struggle is frustrating, annoying — and entirely unnecessary.  With Lasik eye surgery, we have a solution called Monovision.

Imagine a monocle. Now, imagine that monocle updated, current, and as cutting edge technology. Are you picturing robotic eyes? Not quite.  The method, known as Monovision, allows you to see both near and at a distance simultaneously without the need for glasses. One eye is surgically corrected with a laser to enable it to focus at a distance, while the other is set to focus on up close vision. With most patients, the brain adapts to Monovision with ease.

Monovision is a like secret super power

One super cool appeal about Monovision is that the effect can be ‘turned on’ and ‘turned off’ without having to change glasses or contacts or do anything between activities. You can easily go from reading a magazine to driving a car without any hassle. Why bother with glasses and contacts or bifocals when you just don’t have to? Monovision is a secret super power because it lets you be the best you you can be, without anything standing in your way or slowing you down. Win the golf game, read great books, and do it all at your own pace.

Monovision really does improve your golf game

Have you been putting off golfing with your work friends? No longer. Monovision improves your distance vision sharply, while still allowing you to see the golf ball teed up close. Notice how your golf game improves without adjusting anything in your swing  — your friends won’t even know how you got so good so quickly! Monovision helps with other sports as well.  Tennis, archery, and anything else that requires detailed, close-up vision and the ability to see far. Don’t compromise your sports game with glasses or contact lenses; Monovision is the way to go.

Read better! Read more!

Monovision is ideal for Lasik candidates over 40 who have to rely on reading glasses. What’s the point in getting surgery on your eyes, only to continue needing reading glasses? You just don’t have to deal with Presbyopia as badly anymore.  Monovision reduces your need for glasses.   In fact, invite your 40-something peers out to dinner and watch them envy you perusing your menu without reaching for reading glasses first. Ha!

As a word of caution, Monovision may not be the best fit for those who do a lot of night driving. Consult with an eye doctor to assess your personal needs to find the best possible match for you. You may also want to do a trial of Monovision contacts before considering surgery.  Once you see what a difference it can make on your life, you’ll want to get Monovision this very minute.