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Benefits of LASIK Technology

The Las Vegas LASIK ExperienceWhy LASIK of Nevada patients have a totally unique LASIK experience. We know that prospective LASIK patients will often consider several different LASIK options before making a final decision on who they will trust with two of their most valuable possessions – their eyes and their vision. After learning about the many benefits of LASIK, we know that there are still three important issues every potential LASIK patient must feel comfortable with before making a final decision to have a LASIK procedure. These issues are SAFETY, COMFORT, and EXPERIENCE. SAFETY is always our primary concern. This is why our practice has been the first to introduce several safer and more effective LASIK technologies to Nevada. The word “EXPERIENCE” will often mean different things to different people. For many patients, EXPERIENCE means the actual experience that the surgeon has had performing the LASIK procedure. Over the past 19 years, we have performed over 80,000 Laser Vision Correction procedures (LASIK and PRK) and are Nevada’s most specialized and experienced LASIK provider. For other patients, EXPERIENCE could also mean the overall EXPERIENCE at a doctor’s office before their procedure, on the day of their LASIK procedure, during their LASIK procedure itself, and after their LASIK procedure. Once you understand how our unique approach to LASIK differs from other LASIK providers, we are confident that you will understand how your total EXPERIENCE at LASIK of Nevada will actually be completely different–and we believe much more satisfying–than your LASIK experience would be anywhere else in Nevada. To help you see the LASIK of Nevada difference more clearly, we will answer the following question separately for each part of your LASIK experience:

How will my LASIK experience be different at your practice compared to other practices?

Please take a moment to review these important distinctions between our practice and the other available LASIK options in Nevada. When you do, you’ll understand why we’re so confident that you’ll choose LASIK of Nevada for your LASIK procedure.

Before Your Procedure

  • The most specialized and experienced LASIK team in Nevada Our doctors and staff have over 50 years of combined experience in LASIK vision correction. You will immediately feel the confidence and comfort that can only be inspired by a team with this level of LASIK experience. You will also notice our dedication to assuring you of a successful LASIK experience in all of your interactions with our doctors and staff. We are confident that this level of experience, comfort, and safety in LASIK is unsurpassed in Nevada.
  • Meet with your LASIK doctor to personally answer your LASIK questions Many of our patients are pleasantly surprised to find that our surgeon truly enjoys meeting with patients during their visits to our practice. Our doctors especially enjoy discussing the additional safety and peace-of-mind that is provided by our next-generation LASIK technology with you. They are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about LASIK or the different procedure options that we have available at our practice.
  • Specialized and highly experienced patient counselors We consider our Patient Counselors as one of the most important positions in our practice, so we are always gratified to hear how impressed our patients are with Debbie and Teresa. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced professionals who not only love the results of their own LASIK procedures (performed by Dr. Rothman), but also truly enjoy educating our patients about the variety of technology and financing options available at our practice. They are the kind of people who are simply not satisfied until they find the right combination of vision correction procedure, price, and financing options that work best for you. They love what they do every day with our patients–and it shows.
  • Higher level of safety: Nevada’s exclusive provider of Nidek technology Because of several recent advances in LASIK, including our “next-generation” laser technology, there’s never been a better time to feel completely confident about LASIK. In Nevada, the combination of these factors along with our unsurpassed experience performing the LASIK procedure means that you can expect a safer, more comfortable LASIK procedure than ever before.

On the Day of Your Procedure

  • Verification and confirmation of treatment plan by both the Surgeon and Senior Laser Technician Even though our doctors perform your complete eye exam and determine your candidacy for the LASIK procedure prior to the actual day of the procedure, we believe that it is important to also verify this information on the day of your procedure. In practice, this means that even though your doctor had already completed a comprehensive review of your prescription and treatment information, both your surgeon and our senior laser technician will review and confirm your treatment plan in detail again on the day of your procedure. This process provides an additional level of safety and comfort to our patients–especially on procedure day.
  • Comprehensive “Preoperative Patient Preparation” discussion with your LASIK surgeon Unlike many other surgeons, Dr. Rothman truly enjoys interacting with his patients before, during, and after their LASIK procedures. It is a little known fact that most LASIK surgeons simply ask patients to watch a generic “consent video” rather than being given the opportunity to directly communicate with their doctor. What is missing from this approach is a face-to-face, personal interaction with your doctor–the actual surgeon to whom you are entrusting your eyes! After you spend 10 to 20 minutes with Dr. Rothman during his “Preoperative Patient Preparation” conversation, you will definitely know much more about the LASIK procedure itself. More importantly, you will also have the opportunity to get to know Dr. Rothman and ask him any questions that are on your mind prior to your LASIK procedure.You will also have the opportunity to interact with other patients having LASIK on your procedure day. The difference between the comfort level of our patients before this preoperative discussion with Dr. Rothman and afterwards is truly remarkable. This may be the single most important distinction that our practice offers to our patients – and to our knowledge this unique opportunity is not offered to LASIK patients anywhere else in Nevada.
  • Oral anti-anxiety medication with full-strength topical (local) anesthesia While it is certainly reassuring to learn about the LASIK procedure itself and to have the opportunity to get to know Dr. Rothman personally prior to your procedure, we realize that COMFORT is an essential element of a successful LASIK procedure. To this end, we provide every patient with the opportunity to receive a “non-drowsy” oral anti-anxiety medication along with full-strength topical (local) anesthesia. We will customize these medications to maximize your COMFORT during the procedure because we have found that by maximizing comfort, we not only provide you with a superior LASIK experience, but also minimize the risk of surgical complications during the LASIK procedure.

During Your LASIK Procedure

  • Maximized comfort with our unique “verbal anesthesia” process during your LASIK procedure It is very helpful to have the opportunity to meet Dr. Rothman personally prior to your procedure and to receive preoperative medications to reduce anxiety before your procedure. However, we also realize that since COMFORT is such an important part of the LASIK procedure, we need to do everything we can to assure that your LASIK experience is as comfortable as possible. Dr. Rothman has learned that when patients are more aware of what is happening during their surgical procedure, this knowledge can often provide more relaxation and comfort to a patient than the preoperative medication itself. For this reason, Dr. Rothman will engage you in a continuous general discussion of the various parts of the LASIK procedure while it is being done just to make you more comfortable during your LASIK procedure. This is a step-by-step process where each step we perform is based on and built from the previous successful step. By performing each step successfully and then slowly moving on to the next step, our patients are much more relaxed. Even though our patients may experience some rather unusual sensations, the procedure ends up being entirely pain free. We have found that this “verbal anesthesia” process is surprisingly helpful and actually minimizes anxiety and maximizes patient comfort during the LASIK procedure.
  • Surgeon personally performs your immediate pre-procedure and post-procedure eye examinations Our surgeon personally evaluates your eyes before, during, and after your LASIK procedure. Unlike many other surgeons, Dr. Rothman actually enjoys interacting with his patients before, during, and after their LASIK procedures, so he and his staff will personally provide you with detailed aftercare instructions regarding both recommended activities and medications after LASIK.

Lasik of Nevada Locations

Our full-service LASIK offices are located in Las Vegas North, Las Vegas South, Reno, and Summerlin. Visit any one of our premium practices across Nevada and you’ll get a premier LASIK experience that exceeds your expectations at every step and leaves you with better vision without glasses or contacts for years to come!