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We are Nevada's most experienced & specialized LASIK practice!

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Over the 30 year history of LASIK, millions of people have benefited from their newfound visual freedom!

We would love to help you become one of them!

People with active lifestyles

... love LASIK because they don’t have to struggle with the limitations of glasses and contacts

"I was glad I chose LASIK of Nevada. Dr. Rothman spent time with me, spoke to me before and through the entire procedure (which could not have lasted more than two minutes per eye), and most importantly, I went from 20/40 and 20/25 vision to 20/15 in both eyes!"

- Zach P.

Busy Working People

... love LASIK because it makes annoying glasses and contact lens problems a thing of the past.

“Awesome!! The best and easiest experience I ever had. I had been debating on getting LASIK for years. After my free consult I was hooked and couldn't wait to get the procedure done. The staff is awesome, courteous and friendly.”

- Frank G.

On-The-Go Parents

... love LASIK because it simplifies their routine and means one less thing to do on busy mornings.

“Next to having my children, this is the best thing I've ever done! Not to ever stress again about ordering contacts or losing my reading glasses is the best gift I've ever given myself! Dr. Rothman and his staff were the three "P's": pleasant, positive and professional!”

- Lori H.

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Dr. Rothman discusses his 20 years of LASIK experience

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