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Las Vegas LASIK Procedure

Choosing a LASIK practice in Las Vegas and Reno is an important decision that should include a careful review of the skills, experience, and reputation of the specific technology in that doctor’s practice. It is very important to select an experienced LASIK surgeon who practices at a facility that provides state-of-the-art technology and a highly experienced staff. Richard C. Rothman, M.D. and his medical team have created a list of 10 reasons why you should choose Dr. Rothman and his LASIK practice for your laser eye surgery. In addition, they encourage you to contact them with any questions you might have about LASIK of Nevada and its surgeons.

Highly experienced LASIK Doctors

Dr. Payne
Dr. Charoenchote
Dr. Rouweyha
Dr. Rothman

LASIK of Nevada’s highly experienced team of surgeons, optometrists, technicians, and staff have completed many years of advanced academic and clinical training. Our practice’s senior surgeon, Richard C. Rothman, M.D., has performed more than 65,000 successful laser eye surgery procedures. His surgical expertise has been recognized by many celebrities, TV and radio personalities, and people just like you who have selected him as their LASIK surgeon.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At LASIK of Nevada, we offer our patients a variety of well established and state-of-the-art LASIK options. Before performing your LASIK procedure, we first evaluate each patient’s unique eye characteristics and prescription by using several different pieces of advanced diagnostic equipment.

For the first part of the LASIK procedure, Dr. Rothman offers two different all-laser LASIK technologies that maximize patient safety and comfort. For the second part of the procedure, we offer two wavefront optimized LASIK technologies that reshape the eye tissue (cornea) with extremely high precision, maximum preservation of corneal tissue, and night vision optimization. These technological and safety advantages combine to provide an unsurpassed level of safety to our patients today and means that there has never been a better time to have LASIK than today.

“No pain or discomfort at all two days later! It is amazing! The best gift you can give yourself. The entire staff was wonderful. Dr Rothman is very professional, still he made it less stressful with his sense of humor. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get rid of their glasses and contacts!” Jessica M.

Highly Trained Medical Team

LASIK of Nevada Experienced TechniciansLASIK of Nevada selects only experienced technicians and knowledgeable support staff to work with us. Many of the professionals who work at our locations (including both our Las Vegas and Reno locations), have more than 10 years of experience in the field of refractive eye surgery. In fact, the total laser vision correction experience of our doctors and staff represents more than a half-century of combined LASIK and PRK experience. In Nevada, we offer this unsurpassed level of experience to each and every one of our patients to provide our LASIK patients with the highest quality outcomes possible.

Focus on Safety

Dr. Rothman has performed more than 65,000 successful laser vision correction procedures. Many people know that LASIK is the most successful elective procedure in the history of medicine because it is so safe, so effective, and in less than one minute per eye you could be rid of a lifetime of glasses or contact lens wear.

Because of several recent advances in LASIK, including our exclusive LASIK DNA testing and our “next-generation” laser technology, there’s never been a better time to feel completely confident about LASIK. In Nevada, the combination of these factors along with our unsurpassed experience performing the LASIK procedure means that you can expect a safer, more comfortable LASIK procedure than ever before.

Compassionate and Attentive Care

Dr. Rothman and his team understand that many patients may feel a bit nervous about any eye procedure – even if it is performed exclusively with lasers. We also specialize in nervous patients and have a special way of making your LASIK experience with us a positive and memorable experience.

Most patients would be surprised to know that the average LASIK patient starts thinking about LASIK about five years before having their actual procedure performed. Since this is an average, what this really means is that some patients think about having LASIK for five days – and others think about it for up to 10 years. The good news is that these days it is very easy to find many friends, family, or coworkers who simply love their LASIK procedures. It is important to remember that the gift of sight is the best gift you can give to yourself or someone you love (hopefully, they are the same person!).

Several Locations in Nevada

LocationsFor the convenience of our patients, we perform LASIK at several locations throughout Nevada. We have LASIK centers in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Reno. As a convenience to our patients who travel, they may visit any of our locations at no additional cost for all of their LASIK related appointments.

Physician-Owned and Patient-Centered

Unlike many chain LASIK centers that are owned by corporations focused primarily on making a profit for shareholder investors, LASIK of Nevada is owned and operated by the eye surgeon who founded the practice and is actively involved in providing care to his patients at the practice. We are dedicated to providing the safest, most effective treatments for all of our patients at a price they can afford. To maximize patient safety and LASIK outcomes, Dr. Rothman and his colleagues regularly attend continuing education seminars and continuously strive to bring the latest and most effective LASIK eye surgery technology to our patients in Nevada. It is for this reason that we are considered by our patients to be Nevada’s LASIK leader.

Affordable Prices

At LASIK of Nevada, we offer our patients a wide variety of both well established and state-of-the-art LASIK options. We are dedicated to providing the safest, most effective treatments for all of our patients at a price they can afford. In fact, a recent study has also confirmed that the younger you are when you have your LASIK procedure, the more money you will save in eye care costs over time compared to glasses or contact lens wear. It is truly amazing to see how affordable LASIK has become over the past 20 years. Today you can get significantly improved LASIK technology, safety, and comfort at a lower price than was possible even a few years ago. It is certainly true that LASIK can be a wonderful life-changing gift that you give to yourself or someone you love, but the gift of sight can also be one of the best long-term financial decisions you can make.

Convenient Financing

We offer several convenient financing options for those Las Vegas and Reno LASIK eye surgery patients who may find it challenging to fit the cost of LASIK into their budgets today. Many of these options include smaller initial deposits, zero-interest payment plans, or low monthly payments. These affordable financing plans can be customized for you to fit your specific financial needs. We are committed to working hard to find the best way for you to enjoy the gift of vision today with a financing plan that you can afford.

High Rate of Patient Satisfaction

Our laser eye surgery patients are highly satisfied with their vision correction results, as the vast majority of them achieve 20/20 vision or better. In addition, most of our patients do not require eyeglasses or contact lenses after their LASIK treatments. If you would like to learn what our patients say about their laser eye correction surgery with us, please visit our patient testimonials page, blog, or YouTube videos.

Richard C. Rothman, M.D. and his medical team encourage you to start your journey towards visual freedom today! Schedule your LASIK consultation with Dr. Rothman by calling (702) 867-2899 or (775) 227-7947 today or by clicking here.