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Lasik Procedure Experience

Your surgeon, Richard C. Rothman, M.D., has performed over 75,000 laser vision correction procedures. He has spent the past 33 years correcting vision and has 26 years of LASIK experience. This level of experience is unsurpassed in Nevada. The facility and practice are owned and operated by Dr. Rothman. We are not a corporate “chain”. Our doctors and staff have over 50 years of combined LASIK experience and we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each individual patient. We will be here for you when you need us.

LASIK Doctors and Staff at LASIK of Nevada


LASIK of Nevada is the leader in utilizing the latest technological advancements on patients undergoing laser vision correction surgery.  Take a closer look at our cutting-edge surgical instrumentation for LASIK eye treatment.

Allegretto Laser:
This groundbreaking new technology maximizes visual outcomes and at the same time improves night vision by preserving the cornea’s natural Prolate (curved) shape. We are Nevada’s first and most experienced Allegretto laser provider. As a result, we have more experience with this technology that anyone in Nevada. Dr. Rothman is also a certified national trainer for this technology and has trained military surgeons across the country to provide this exciting technology to our soldiers.

This new laser technology has several noteworthy benefits. With other lasers, successful treatment of high or complex prescriptions has sometimes been associated with night driving difficulties. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ laser is the only FDA-cleared LASIK technology specifically designed to provide a treatment that not only corrects a wide range of prescriptions, but also is designed to reduce nighttime glare after LASIK by maintaining the cornea’s natural shape following treatment.

Clinical studies submitted to the FDA in 2003 showed that nearly 90 percent of patients had no increase in glare, halos, or light sensitivity at night, and nearly 20 percent of patients actually reported improved night-vision following treatment with this laser system. Dr. Rothman noted that no other conventional LASIK treatment takes into account the unique curve and slope of each individual’s cornea.

An additional benefit for patients is the speed of the laser treatment itself. By delivering 200 laser pulses per second, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ reduces the time spent by the patient under the laser resulting in reduced corneal dehydration, or drying out, of the eye surface. This is better for patients since these faster treatments can be completed before the corneal surface is altered by drying – potentially allowing for more precise visual outcomes.

NIDEK Laser Technology:
This well-established technology allows the surgeon to create customized treatment zones which are matched to your individual prescription, pupil size, and corneal thickness to achieve excellent results. Dr. Rothman has over 10 years of experience utilizing this technology.


Laser vision correction procedures reshape the clear tissue at the front of the eye (the cornea) by using a unique cool laser beam called the Excimer laser. The two most effective methods of delivering this laser to the cornea are called LASIK and PRK.

  • LASIK: The laser treatment in LASIK is delivered under a “flap”. LASIK is the most popular elective procedure the history of medicine for good reason. This procedure is quick (usually less than one minute per eye), comfortable, and extremely effective for a wide range of prescriptions. LASIK also has the quickest visual recovery of any of the laser vision correction procedures.
  • PRK: This “flapless” surface laser technique was the first laser vision correction procedure ever performed, and is an “all-laser” approach to laser vision correction. It gives the best outcomes for eyes with thinner or weaker corneas and can be the best choice for some patients with specialized occupational needs. More than 95% of our soldiers who had laser vision correction have the PRK procedure performed. The visual recovery after PRK is not quite as rapid as LASIK, but after healing is complete, the visual results are identical.

Premium LASIK

The Premium LASIK procedure offers a unique combination of benefits. When you select Premium LASIK, your fee will include the laser vision correction procedure itself (either LASIK or PRK), a one-year assurance plan (with the option to upgrade to a lifetime plan) which includes free laser enhancements (if necessary), dry eye treatment (punctal plugs), and free unlimited postoperative checks for one year.

Optimizing Tear Function

Dryness of the eyes is common both before and after LASIK. A simple, painless five-minute test can determine whether or not a patient will require some form of intervention other than the use of simple tear substitutes after LASIK – but most doctors don’t take the time to perform this important screening test. We perform this test on every patient. If we determine that your eyes are dry (or at risk of becoming dry after LASIK), we will recommend several options to optimize your tear function. The most effective of these options is called punctal occlusion therapy or punctal plugs. These plugs help dryness by partially blocking the outflow of your own natural tears from the eye. Since the tears produced by your body are a much better match for your eyes than any artificial tear you can buy at a store, this technique works extremely well for the vast majority of patients. The longer these plugs stay in place, the more cost-effective they will be for you. Our doctors and staff will help you determine which plug is best for you.

Guaranteed Financing

Choose from a variety of financing plans to stretch your budget. We offer guaranteed financing because we are committed to finding the right financing plan for you.