6 Must-Ask Questions for Your LASIK Surgeon

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6 Questions for Your LASIK Surgeon

Choosing the professional who will perform your LASIK surgery to correct your eyesight can be a hard decision. There are a lot of factors you need to consider; the most important is which LASIK surgeon has the right experience and knowledge to perform the procedure? Fortunately, there are a variety of questions you can ask your potential surgeon to determine whether they are up for the job. Here are the 6 that you simply must ask before you put your precious eyesight into a doctor’s hands.

6 Questions You Need to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon

  1. How many procedures have you performed? This will tell you not only how experienced your surgeon is, but also how comfortable they will be doing the procedure.
  2. Where and when did you earn your medical degree? A qualified LASIK surgeon will have a medical degree from an accredited institution in addition to a medical specialty in ophthalmology.
  3. Have you performed Lasik surgery on family members or other doctors?
  4. Where can I find patient reviews/testimonials? Reviews from other patients will tell you a lot about the doctor’s bedside manner as well as how satisfying others found his/her treatment.
  5. What kind of laser technology do you use? You want the best technology for the easiest pain-free experience possible.
  6. Risks involved? Any good doctor will inform you of all potential risks involved with surgery.

Additional Helpful Questions

While the above questions are crucial, asking additional questions about the surgery itself, such as patient outcomes and the success of the procedure, will help you understand what to expect. You should also make sure your LASIK surgeon is available for you to contact with any other concerns you have that might pop up. If you’re nervous about surgery this can help calm your anxieties.

  1. What happens after surgery?
  2. If re-treatments or enhancements are necessary, are they included in the price?
  3. What percentage of your patients required a laser enhancement or retreatment?
  4. How many of your patients achieve 20:20 vision?
  5. Are you easily accessible if I have any concerns throughout the process?

Do Your Research, Restore Your Vision

Once you’ve done your research and made sure your LASIK surgeon is right for you, you’re ready to move forward. LASIK surgery is a great decision simply because of all the benefits that you’ll receive from having a LASIK procedure. Here are just a few of the major ones, according to WebMD:

  • It is proven to work in most cases.
  • You’ll feel very little pain.
  • It usually requires no stitches or bandages.
  • You’ll see results almost immediately (literally!), or at least by the day after surgery.
  • You can have further corrections made to your vision years later if need be.
  • Most people no longer need to wear corrective eyewear after having LASIK surgery.

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