Q & A with Dr. Rothman, LASIK of Nevada

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Lasik surgeon Dr. Richard RothmanIs LASIK safe?

“Absolutely. In fact, LASIK is the most successful elective procedure in the history of medicine, precisely because it’s so safe, so effective, and in less than one minute per eye you could be rid of a lifetime of glasses or contact lens wear.

What I’m really excited about is our all-laser LASIK approach which can be even safer, even more comfortable, and even more precise than the amazing LASIK procedure I’ve been performing for the past 18 years. And with advances in technology, as we have had in our practice especially, LASIK is safer than ever before.”

What do I feel during the LASIK procedure?

“I get asked all the time. The answer is, my patients feel touch, stretch, and a little bit of pressure, but they won’t feel anything sharp or painful. And with our new all-laser LASIK technology, it’s even more comfortable than ever before. In fact, it’s almost a daily occurrence that patients will ask me, “Doc, when are you going to start the procedure?” and it turns out that, pretty much, I’m finished. That’s how comfortable the LASIK procedure is with today’s technology.

I have a high prescription. Can I still get LASIK?

“The answer is yes.

In the old days of LASIK, in the ’90s, when I started performing the procedure, the range of treatment was rather limited. In fact, initially, it was only near-sighted people that could have the LASIK procedure.

But over the past 25 years, the range of the prescription has been expanded to the point where, if your vision is correctable with glasses or contacts, you’re probably going to be a great candidate for the LASIK procedure, regardless of prescription.”