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Pro Skier Bode Miller

Okay, so WHO is Bode Miller?

When Bode Miller burst onto the skiing scene at the 2002 Winter Olympics, the skiing world had no idea what hit it. Though an Olympian, he was little known in skiing circles or slopes as it were. He darted all over the mountain bragging to anyone who stood still long enough that he was going to win his events the next day. The media loves a performer, but none were prepared for the string of successes Bode Miller was to amass during his career which was just debuted in 2002.

Highly Decorated Athlete

If you consider Olympic and World Cup medals, Bode Miller has more of them than any male skier in American history. He scored six Olympic medals and has 33 World Cup victories. He has won medals in all five downhill disciplines: slalom, giant slalom, super g, downhill and combined. There is little likelihood of his record number of medals ever being surpassed.

Growing up Bode

Bode Miller’s early life was as unconventional as his skiing style. His grandparents owned 450 acres in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. His grandparents, skiing fanatics since their own youth, ran tennis and ski camp on the property. Bode and his two sisters and brother grew up on skis.

For the first ten years of his life, Bode lived with his parents and siblings in a very basic cabin without running water or electricity. He was home-schooled and spent much of his days in the woods experimenting on hills with various kinds of snowboards and skis. He was an adept skier by the time he was four and delighted in the speed of skiing, an attribute that came to define his skiing persona.

How Bode Miller Became a Skiier

After his parents’ divorce, Bode was enrolled in the local public school. To reach the bus, he had a long walk through the mountains. His father taught him tennis and his grandparents continued to encourage his interest in and development as a skier. Though isolated from formal youth teams for many years, his vast leg strength and coordination enabled him to become and superior soccer player.

Perhaps attributable to his unusual start in life, Bode Miller displayed an unconventional attitude toward his sports and the adults around him. There is little information about the details of Mr.Miller’s education in etiquette, but in school and in his athletics he argued with the adults, including name-calling, and was given to unrestrained outbursts of anger.

He did not graduate from high school because of his refusal to make changes to an essay that he considered done. When his last year of school concluded, he left to dedicate his life to skiing.  People thought Bode was a bit of a nut, as he continuously ignored safety precautions and outright refused to wear his glasses or contacts during competition.

What If He Had LASIK Surgery Before The Games?

In his forty-plus years on the slopes, Miller broke, strained, sprained and crashed many parts of his hard-working body. These injuries have taken their toll in time lost from racing, but that he is still an international competitor at 39 is a remarkable tribute to his ability to heal.

In 2014, Miller competed in the Olympics again but with disappointing results.

During television interviews, Miller attributed his poor performance to not having gotten LASIK for distance vision prior to competing in the Olympic games.

For, just as Miller predicted after LASIK surgery restored his vision to near-perfection, he was back on his skis and ready to hit the slopes at 90 miles an hour again!

LASIK eye surgery procedure

Enhance Athletic Performance With LASIK Vision Correction

Like many professional and amateur athletes, Bode Miller found LASIK surgery quick, easy and a fabulous boon to his athletic performance in relieving him of vision correction. Why not consider this simple solution and become liberated from vision correction for the rest of your days? You may not careen down frozen mountains at breakneck speeds, but even driving in the rain without glasses or contacts can be the realization of a dream for many.

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