Going Back to Work After LASIK Surgery

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What You Need to Know

Self-improvement is one of the healthiest things people can do for themselves. Whether it’s furthering your education or improving physically, the benefits are nearly endless.

LASIK eye surgery falls into the physical category and is a life-changing surgery for those who decide to have it.

Improving your vision and eliminating the need for contact lenses and multiple pairs of glasses creates so much convenience in your life and saves you time in the morning and nighttime when contacts need to be removed, cleaned and changed. Now that you’re considering LASIK, it’s important to understand what the recovery process is like and how things like computer use after LASIK are impacted.

Going Back to Work After LASIK Surgery

General Recovery

Following LASIK surgery, recovery time can be different for everyone, but not drastically different. Most patients report that their eyes and vision feel fairly normal within 24 hours of the surgery, and some even experience vision improvements immediately afterward. Depending on your pre-existing prescription, how the surgery goes, and a number of other factors, we might ask you to wait up to 15 minutes in the office after surgery.

For up to 12 hours after surgery, your eyes might water quite a bit and even appear red and bloodshot. It’s important to resist the urge to rub your eyes and rely on the drops provided by our staff to assist in reducing the itching and speed up your recovery. Use all drops as instructed and your recovery will be routine.

Computer Use after LASIK

Many people have jobs that require them to use computers all the time and also work at home in front of a computer, in addition to watching television and using mobile devices. Essentially, most people are in front of some sort of screen all the time, which can lead to dry and sore eyes. This is the result of not blinking as often as you would when not staring at a screen.

In the days and even weeks following LASIK, it’s important to resist the urge to stare at any screen including mobile devices, computers and televisions. Your LASIK doctor will provide you with guidelines that highlight when you can begin introducing screens back into your routine, which should typically be avoided for a minimum of a few days.

Working After LASIK

Working in Casinos after LASIK

Many residents of Las Vegas work in casinos, which can be smoky and dry environments to work. Even without having had LASIK eye surgery, your eyes might become dry and irritated while working in a casino.

Following LASIK eye surgery, you should try to avoid extremely dry and smoky environments in order to allow your corneal flap to properly heal. Smoke can carry foreign matter into your healing eyes, which can impede the healing process and lead to infection.

Overly dry environments aren’t good either and can cause complications with healing too. If you work in a casino environment, it’s important to tell your LASIK surgeon so they can make special recommendations surrounding your recovery schedule.

LASIK Advantages

While it might seem like LASIK eye surgery has an inconvenient recovery period, the benefits far outweigh any stipulations of recovery.

LASIK eye surgery is a long-term way to improve your vision that will positively impact many aspects of your life for decades. Sacrificing a few days or even a week of life’s conveniences can’t compare to never having to worry about contact lenses again with worries like whether you can jump in a pool, take a shower or even play a sport.

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