Life After LASIK (Patient Testimonials)

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This video features LASIK of Nevada patients as they talk about their life after LASIK.

Maricela – “Life after LASIK is awesome! You wake up every morning…you just wake up and you go on with your day! I love it and I can’t even imagine having to put on contacts every morning and take them out again for the rest of my life. So I’m extremely happy with the decision that I made, and I thank Dr. Rothman and LASIK of Nevada for everything that they have done for me.”

Alex – “Now the results of my LASIK procedure is I can see 20/15. It’s great! I don’t have to rely on glasses, don’t have to rely on contacts anymore.”

Annette – “Getting the LASIK procedure changed my life tremendously. It’s amazing to just wake up in the middle of the night, or even in the morning and not have to reach for your glasses, or look for your contacts, it’s amazing.”

Dan – “Literally, the second I got off after the procedure was over, of course, the doctor put little drops in my eyes, he said “Okay, open your eyes,” and he asked me if I could see my watch, and it was an OMG moment for me! Because I have not been able to see my watch in 40 years. So that was like, “Wow!” It’s just such a tremendous difference not having to wear a pair of glasses and the freedom that I have from that.”

Kyle – “The results of the LASIK were, I now have 20/20, I remember testing slightly better than 20/20. Before that, I don’t really know what I was as far as those numbers go, I just know that I didn’t register on the chart because my vision was pretty bad. They show the giant “E,” the single letter “E” on the wall, and I couldn’t make that out. So to go from that to 20/20, or even slightly better, pretty amazing. I’m sure there are some husbands out there that can relate to me because my wife would”