Three Surprising Ways You Can Afford To Get LASIK Eye Surgery

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3 Ways LASIK Eye Surgery Is More Affordable Than You Might Think

One of the most common misconceptions about the LASIK eye surgery cost is that it’s not something everyone can afford. Realistically, LASIK eye surgery is incredibly affordable and fits within just about every household budget. Many people gamble away thousands of dollars each year for sheer entertainment against the house at very bad odds. With LASIK eye surgery, there is no gambling involved as it’s a safe and routine surgery that likely costs less than what you spend over the course of a year at casinos.

Affordable LASIK Eye Surgery

The Cost of Not Having LASIK

Over the course of your lifetime, the costs associated with contact lenses gradually increase as you spend more and more money on cleaning solutions, rinsing solutions, cases, and of course the lenses themselves. These expenses all add up and over time easily surpass the LASIK eye surgery cost, which eliminates the need for contact lenses altogether. LASIK of Nevada has pricing packages that provide you with everything you need to ditch your contact lenses for good. LASIK of Nevada provides you with:

  • Preoperative evaluation and examination
  • LASIK or PRK procedure for both eyes
  • A post-operative care kit that’s an essential part of the healing process and your eye health
  • Sunglasses to aid in reducing sensitivity to light in the days following your surgery
  • Follow-up visits to ensure proper healing is taking place and to evaluate your eye health

Overall, the initial cost of Lasik is far less than a lifetime of dealing with contact lenses and their associated requirements. Some studies have shown that LASIK eye surgery can save an individual up to $20,000 over the course of a lifetime.  Check out the milestones of Michael’s life by clicking his picture below for a cost comparison of his savings if he DID get LASIK in his twenties versus if he DID NOT.

Michael Wears Glasses


Three Ways the LASIK Eye Surgery Cost Can Be Affordable

It’s easy to see how LASIK saves you money in the long term, but a larger initial investment might seem like a lot to some people. Here are 3 easy ways that LASIK is made affordable to everyone.

  1. Care Credit Financing: Care Credit financing allows our patients to pay for their LASIK procedure over time with affordable and flexible monthly payments. LASIK of Nevada ensures that these monthly payments are designed to suit your budget and lifestyle, so you can enjoy your new vision without the worry or burden of having to pay for it all at once. LASIK’s administrative staff can help you with your application or you can apply online for a 24 or 48-month plan. The LASIK 24-month plan features low monthly payments and no interest if the balance is paid off within a predetermined amount of time. The LASIK 24-month plan features monthly payments starting at the incredibly low price of $25 for a $1,000 total. The Care Credit program is ideal for students on a budget, seniors on a fixed income, and anyone else that needs a financial break.
  2. Flex Spending Accounts: Flexible spending accounts provide employees some relief surrounding their healthcare costs. Some employers provide their employees with flex spending accounts, which help cover the costs of things like LASIK surgery. If you’re unsure if your employer provides this benefit, contact your Human Resources Department.
  3. Seasonal Promotions: LASIK of Nevada is always providing seasonal promotions to make LASIK eye surgery more accessible for everyone. Recent promotions include discounts for teachers and first responders. What better way to show appreciation to local communities than provide those who do so much with the opportunity to improve their own lives.

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