The Painfully Obvious Reason Why Squinting Helps You Focus Better

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Why Squinting Helps You Focus Better

Have you ever been driving along and realized that you’ve been squinting at the last four road signs? Once you have that realization, you start wracking your brain to see if this is something you’re doing regularly or if it’s something rather new.

Whether you’ve been squinting for years or just started doing so recently, the truth is that you’re not crazy. Squinting really does help you focus better. Today, we’re going to briefly discuss why this phenomenon happens and why you should consider LASIK surgery instead of squinting forever.

How and Why Squinting Helps You To Focus Better

It’s a proven fact: squinting helps you to focus better. Narrowing our eyes helps us to focus more clearly on something that is far away. Why does this happen?

  1. The lens in our eye is flexible and changes shape. In a way, our eye is like a camera. It has the ability to focus on something by making small adjustments. Just as a photographer can adjust his/her lens with small movements of their hand, the lens of our eye can change shape by employing the muscles surrounding the eye.
  2. When the muscles around the eye squint, the lens adjusts. We have to squint just enough for the lens to find the right focus. As our eyesight worsens, however, we have to squint even more for the lens to find its focus.
  3. Squinting also reduces the amount of light allowed into the eye. Sometimes the reason something is blurry is that there is too much light. By squinting, we reduce the light’s impact on our retina, thereby making the object we’re looking at appear sharper.

With LASIK You No Longer Need To Squint

The eye is an amazing piece of machinery. There are so many systems in place to ensure we have the best vision possible. Unfortunately, because of age, injury, or certain conditions—like astigmatism—our eyes need some outside help.

This is where LASIK surgery comes in. The #1 condition that is helped with LASIK is farsightedness. Depending on the condition of your eye, the level of astigmatism, and the thickness of the cornea, LASIK results are often better than what people get with glasses or contact lenses.

One of the problems with glasses and contact lenses is that, over time, our eyes continue to change and we end up needing new prescriptions. This often means more costs in the long run. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never have to wear glasses or contacts ever again?

Many people who have LASIK surgery end up with 20/20 vision very soon after surgery; some immediately after the treatment. Imagine never having to squint to help you focus again!

LASIK Helps You Focus Better Than Squinting

Are you a candidate for LASIK treatment? Only your doctor can say for sure. But, if you notice that you’re squinting to help you focus more and more, this is an indicator that something needs to be improved.

For more information about LASIK surgery, or to schedule a consultation and evaluation, call or email us today. Why keep squinting to focus when you could have 20/20 vision?