Why Seeing Halos is Natural After LASIK Surgery

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Halo Lights After LASIK

If you’re like a majority of LASIK patients who have been toying with the idea of being lens-free for years, you’re probably expecting to see stars after the procedure. What is this halo then?

Halos, or glares as they’re also called, are a common occurrence during the first few days or weeks after the surgery (both LASIK and surface ablation). You see a ring of hazy illumination around bright light sources such as streetlights. Before you begin to panic, be assured that seeing a halo effect is temporarily experienced by all LASIK patients, regardless of age, individual experience, treatment method etc.

The phenomenon occurs because fluid within the recently-treated cornea causes light to scatter. As soon as this fluid clears up, the halo disappears on its own.

Halos are not a side-effect of LASIK surgery – it is simply a part of the natural healing process. While you are experiencing it, however, there are some tricks that can help mitigate the inconvenience, such as improve night vision when driving. Keep the overhead car light on as its brightness will stop your pupils from fully dilating. In some cases, eye drops can also constrict the pupil to provide clearer vision.

In very rare cases, however, the problem refuses to go away and patients develop issues with low light and night vision. The cause of this unfortunate symptom can be a problem with centering, or if older forms of treatments have been employed that are not Aspheric in profile. In case your refractive error was not completely corrected during your first eye surgery, you may still have low levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. This can be remedied with a revisional “touch up” surgery to further correct the shape of your cornea.

If you’re going to a reputable LASIK surgeon, this problem is highly unlikely because you will be tested thoroughly beforehand to make sure you are a right candidate for LASIK correction (some people are not), and the most suitable treatment will be customized for each of your eyes.

*** Schedule a free appointment with LASIK Of Nevada if your first surgery has left you with a recalcitrant problem with halos. Our team is highly experienced in correction procedures, and we will formulate a treatment plan that is most suitable for your specific situation.