Why Reputable LASIK Clinics Must Have a High Staff-To-Patient Ratio

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LASIK Clinics High Staff-To-Patient Ratio

LASIK is Not a Life-Saving Medical Procedure

  • LASIK is not an emergency procedure – it is elective surgery, and patients come with a very different requirement profile. To illustrate this point, if a patient seeks medical help for an appendix removal, the decision is not a `choice’, but a `necessity’. The primary task of the medical staff at a good hospital is to make sure the appendix removal procedure takes place with meticulous care and the patient makes a complete recovery. In the case of LASIK, it is a life-enhancing surgery. Therefore it is not a need.
  • Patients are subconsciously aware of this important distinction, and as a result, require extremely personalized assistance and care before, during and after the process to assure them of the veracity of the treatment. A high staff-to-patient ratio is crucial to provide this kind of holistic service.

LASIK Clinics with a Skeleton Staff Will Take Shortcuts

  • Because LASIK surgery lasts only for a few minutes, there is a common perception among potential candidates that a cheap LASIK surgery provider is a more financially prudent option. This is far from the truth. Even though the procedure itself is a short one, a lot of rigorous planning goes into making sure that each candidate gets absolutely the best results. This is particularly important in the leading-up stages when a variety of tests, scans, and exams need to be performed by specialist clinical staff.  Due to a lack of resources, many clinics will not do a thorough pre-examination and take shortcuts that may show up as complications afterward.

One Size of LASIK Treatment Does Not Fit All

  • No two candidates are the same, and one size of treatment definitely does not fit all. A high staff-to-patient ratio ensures that the most qualified optometrists, laser eye surgeons, nursing staff, patient care coordinators, clinic coordinators and management staff are in place to study each patient’s eye condition individually and find the best kind of treatment for his or her unique needs.

After Care is as Important as the Surgery Itself

  • A high staff-to-patient ratio gives a reputable clinic its bandwidth to provide dedicated aftercare services as needed. Think of it as a warranty on valuable goods or products you buy. When you’re dealing with something as precious as vision, it is imperative that a top-notch LASIK surgery provider is always there for any immediate consultation you might want to have in the future.