What Will I Be Able to Do Right After My LASIK Procedure?

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Dr. Richard Rothman answered the most frequent question of every LASIK patients “What Will I Be Able to Do Right After My LASIK Procedure?”:

A question I often get asked is what will I be able to do after Lasik? well for the first night after your Lasik procedure, we’re going to ask you to go home and rest. No watching television, do not read, probably just keep your eyes closed and listen to a good book or movie.

The next day after we’ve evaluated you, you’ll be able to resume most normal activities. We’ll ask you not to swim not to rub your eyes and of course not to get injured in your eye on that first day. But, by the time we see you on your one-week visit, you’ll be able to resume virtually all your normal activities. There are some specific exceptions kickboxers, people that have very very active sports hobbies, and will advise you specifically about those sort of things individually but you can resume plan to resume most of your activities one week after your procedure.

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