A Video Testimonial from Melvin E.

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Melvin is tired of wearing glasses and contacts are not really good on him. He decided to get his LASIK surgery at LASIK of Nevada:

I think I got tired of wearing glasses, contacts were never really good for me so. I decided to get rid of the glasses, the procedure itself was a was pretty easy. I thought it was all more difficult, more steps to. It took like they said you know like about 5 minutes. It didn’t hurt no pain it just went by really smoothly. Other results so far have been great yesterday, after surgery I saw a little fuzzy.

Today this morning I could see excellent pretty good like if I had my glasses on the staff had LASIK of Nevada was really helpful. They were very nice, took care of me, you know they answered any question I had and overall. I you know they were excellent getting this procedure done I think is going to change my life in ways um you know I at night even at night with my glasses I couldn’t see very well when I was driving I was kind of scared to drive it I think with this LASIK surgery I’ll be able to drive better and you know see the world well more clearer now.

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