The Technology at LASIK of Nevada

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Dr. Rothman explains what are the technologies used in LASIK procedures in LASIK of Nevada:

There are many reasons to choose Lasik of Nevada for your lasik procedure. And, one of them is technology.

We have Nevada’s first and only Wavelight Allegretto Laser Technology which actually creates a specially curved surface of the eye to maximize nighttime vision. In fact the Wavelight Allegretto Laser, is the only laser technology approved in the United States that’s been shown to improve nighttime vision unlike every other laser system in use today.

We also offer two other laser systems the visit laser which has been around since 1996 and provides excellent results as well as the 9x technology which is very affordable and also provides excellent vision to our patients will match the correct technology to your budget and goals and give you the best result possible at Lasik of Nevada.

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