Suburban Las Vegas Patients Rave About LASIK of Nevada

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LASIK of Nevada is the leading group of LASIK surgeons in Nevada. For over 21 years, Dr. Richard C. Rothman has been providing outstanding results for patients in Las Vegas and surrounding communities. We believe the best way to learn about what makes LASIK of Nevada different is from our satisfied patients. Learn more about the experience from patients in your city:

Henderson, NV:

“The procedure was so fast ( 10 minutes or so)-  and I could actually see right away!  I had this procedure done 12/1/2012. Since then, I have been on 6 flights,different cities, and could actually read the street signs while driving. Thank you Dr. Rothman! I had already recommended him to a friend who had her procedure done before me (just on my recommendation) and she could not have been happier!”

Joan S., Henderson NV.

North Las Vegas, NV:

“I recently had Lasik done with Dr. Rothman with Lasik of Nevada and was extremity satisfied with the procedure and results. I had “20 15” vision the day after my procedure.  Dr. Rothman’s professionalism was outstanding. He answered all my questions without making me feel rushed.  He listened to my concerns and made me feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire Lasik process.  Prior to choosing Dr. Rothman, I went to two other doctors and was not satisfied with their pre-consultation, customer service, and the technology used by them.  I would definitely recommend Mr. Rothman to anyone that is contemplating about getting Lasik or PRK.

I’m 29 years old and had never seen such a beautiful, crisp, and colorful world until I got my Lasik. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and see the time on the alarm o’clock without having reaching for my glasses.”

Maira F., North Las Vegas, NV

Summerlin, NV:

“Dr.Rothman is AMAZING! We got a referral from a friend who had PRK done in 2009 and has been raving about it every since. From our consultation to the surgery day everyone in his office has been so sweet, caring and considerate. My husband and I decided on lasik and on our surgery day I was a nervous wreck! Debbie and Mindy did such a great job making sure we were comfortable. They don’t lie to you and really give accurate information about the surgery and what we would experience after. You are only on the surgery table about 10 minutes at most, Dr. Rothman really makes you feel at ease during surgery. He pretty much goes step by step during the surgery with you. I felt no pain what so ever but the suction part was uncomfortable. The following 6 hours after surgery sucked but it is so worth it. We went in yesterday for our one day post op and are seeing 20/20! We cannot thank Dr. Rothman and his team enough, It is the best feeling in the world being able to see!”

Christina A., Summerlin, NV

Boulder City, NV:

“I have been dependent on eye glasses since 1965. Dr. Rothman performed Lasik eye surgery on my eyes and he did an exemplary job! I have very very deep set eyes and I believe he is the ONLY doctor that could have performed this successful surgery. I went from being blind in both eyes to 20/20 vision. He is truly the very, very best there is!!”

Sandy C., Boulder City, NV