New at LASIK of Nevada: Next Generation All-Laser LASIK

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I have had the tremendous privilege of being actively involved in the evolution of LASIK over the past 15 years and have seen this procedure mature into the most popular elective procedure in the history of medicine. However, this incredible success story has not in any way diminished our efforts to continually improve this procedure. How can such a great procedure be made even better? How can LASIK be made even safer, more comfortable, and more precise?

A number of different mechanical devices have been introduced over the years in an effort to reach these goals, but in the end they offered only small, incremental improvements that in my opinion were not worth the extra cost to the patient. However, the recent development of lasers that can create a thinner, more precise, and completely customized LASIK flap has offered the potential of a revolutionary change in the way we perform this procedure.

It was only in 2009 that the latest generation of laser flap-making technology (“Z-LASIK”) had reached a level of excellence that matched the standard mechanical device (“standard LASIK”) that had previously been considered the “gold standard” for LASIK flap creation. This groundbreaking technology provides a degree of accuracy and precision that meets or exceeds all previous “all-laser” or “bladeless” laser technologies as well as the standard mechanical flap-making device. I am delighted to introduce you to this amazing technology that promises to revolutionize this procedure in several important ways.

The “Z-LASIK” procedure is a 100% all-laser LASIK procedure that provides an even safer and more comfortable LASIK procedure to our patients. In this procedure, the laser is used to gently separate the LASIK flap from the underlying tissue rather than using the standard mechanical flap-making device. Since a significantly thinner and more precise flap is created, more natural corneal tissue remains untouched after treatment and the natural strength of the eye is better preserved. More corneal tissue is also available for treatment now and in the future. Because of this increased preservation of natural corneal tissue, more patients will qualify for the Z-LASIK procedure as compared to standard LASIK. Another valuable benefit of Z-LASIK is that patients have less dryness of the eyes after this all-laser treatment as compared to the standard mechanical LASIK.

We are honored to be Nevada’s exclusive provider of the next generation all-laser Z-LASIK procedure. I look forward to answering your questions and sharing my vision of the future of LASIK with you personally.