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Elko residents do not have to continue to struggle with limited vision and the hassle that comes with wearing glasses and contact lenses. LASIK of Nevada has the optimal solution to correct your vision and reduce or eliminate your reliance on glasses and contact lenses.  Dr. Rothman and the team at LASIK of Nevada are the most experienced corrective eye surgeons in Nevada. For Elko residents, that means they have the opportunity to work with the premier LASIK physicians in the region.

Elko residents can visit LASIK of Nevada at our state-of-the-art facility in Reno, NV, a short distance West of Elko. Typically, our Elko patients spend time enjoying Reno’s gaming and nightlife before their procedure. Reno is home to some of the world’s best casinos, hotels, and entertainment. The entire process is stress-free and relaxing.

Listen to what other patients are saying about our Reno location:

Lasik of Nevada has literally changed my life!  After being denied by two different doctors for the Lasik procedure, I finally found Lasik of Nevada.  Previous doctors had told me my prescription was too strong of a power for the procedure and tried steering me toward a $7,000.00 implant plus Lasik procedure.

Lasik of Nevada is unique in that they are the only doctors in Northern Nevada that have a newer technology laser that can confidently work on persons who have such strong vision prescriptions.  In working with Lasik of Nevada they have two doctors, Dr. Rowan and Dr. Rothman (a Harvard Medical School Alumni), and a fabulous staff.  I felt very safe and confident going into the procedure. They very patiently answered my many questions with great care and understanding.  Their pre-op care and post-op care has been incredible and after only one week since the procedure I can now see 20/20!  I have worn glasses my whole life so there are no words for how this procedure has changed my life!  I cannot say enough about Lasik of Nevada, their doctors, staff and customer care!

Additionally, they were also able to provide me with 2 years of financing, interest free with no hidden fees or catches!  If you’re looking for Lasik in Nevada I can highly recommend Lasik of Nevada without hesitation!

– Christine T., Reno, NV

The key to LASIK of Nevada’s success can be summed up in three ways:

· Top Doctors

· Top Experience

· Top Technology

Dr. Rothman and Dr. Rouweyha have performed over 40,000 successful corrective procedures. This experience is unsurpassed in Nevada. Dr. Rothman has been performing LASIK procedures for over 14 years, making him one of the most experienced surgeons in the United States. This level of experience ensures a better outcome for patients.

Our LASIK physicians use Allegretto Laser Technology, the most advanced technology in the United States. LASIK of Nevada is the first and most experienced team of surgeons utilizing this technology in Nevada. Dr. Rothman is a certified national trainer for this technology and has trained military surgeons across the country to provide this exciting technology to our soldiers.

Learn more about the benefits of working with LASIK of Nevada from our satisfied patients. If you have questions, call today or schedule a free consultation online.