LASIK of Nevada Provides Outstanding Results For Susanville, CA Patients

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Susanville, CA residents no longer have to struggle with glasses, contacts, and impaired vision. LASIK of Nevada, the region’s leading LASIK practice, is available to provide a customized treatment for you. LASIK of Nevada is led by Dr. Richard C. Rothman, M.D., an award winning surgeon with over 21 years’ experience. Dr. Rothman and his staff have built their reputation by offering the top doctors, top experience, and top technology

LASIK of Nevada’s Reno location is a short drive south of Susanville off US-395. Our state-of-the-art facility offers Allegretto Laser Technology, the best technology in the United States. LASIK of Nevada is the first and most experienced team of surgeons utilizing this technology in the region. Our technology allows patients to see better almost immediately after surgery. It ensures better outcomes for patients, even if they have extremely high astigmatism.

LASIK of Nevada’s experience is unsurpassed anywhere in the region. Our team has performed over 40,000 successful corrective procedures. Dr. Rothman is the recipient of numerous honors including the prestigious National Research Service award. LASIK of Nevada offers outstanding LASIK results at affordable prices.

Schedule a free consultation online or call our friendly staff to set-up an appointment. Susanville residents can learn more about what makes LASIK of Nevada unique from our satisfied patients.