John S., Eyesight: 20/150, Farsighted with Extremely High Astigmatism

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As a construction worker, John spends most of his day in dusty, windy, or otherwise challenging environments. John is 22 years old and was concerned that he might not be a candidate for the LASIK procedure because of his extremely high astigmatism. If he was going to be treated on any other laser system besides our Alcon Allegretto laser, he would not be a good candidate for LASIK. The reason for this is that patients with extremely high astigmatism like John cannot be properly or completely treated on most laser systems available today. In fact, in years past I often turned away patients with this prescription because I knew that they would require two or more treatments to get a full effect with these older lasers – and many times even with multiple treatments visual result was less than ideal.

John was very motivated and understood that even with this fantastic technology, there was a chance that he might need a second procedure afterward. As it turns out, John’s vision on his first day after his procedure was 20/20! What made his result even more amazing was that his vision prior to the procedure was never this good before. John had spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the many, many pairs of glasses and contacts that he wore in the years before getting his LASIK. He told me that he never did see as well as he could on the very first day after his LASIK procedure. This was indeed a tremendously successful result, but not at all unusual using the latest laser vision correction technology in the world with a highly motivated patient like John. I’m really glad that John came to us for his LASIK and that we could get such a great result for him. I also know that John will be safer at the job site now that he can see better than he has ever seen before in his life.