I LOVE My LASIK! – Tyson Russell

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Tyson shares his experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. In this video, he talks about his decision to have LASIK, his research into LASIK, the staff at LASIK of Nevada, the day of the procedure, and how his students can no longer pull a fast one on him!

My name is Tyson Russell, and I had my procedure just a little over a week ago. I decided to have LASIK because I really started to hate wearing glasses, it was just quite an inconvenience, I have young kids at home and we wrestle around, and I get the glasses knocked off and it hurts quite a bit. After a long day at work, my glasses would be causing quite a bit of discomfort, and I tried contacts before, but they were even more uncomfortable with the dryness and just feeling weird. Before LASIK I was nearsighted, so I couldn’t see anything outside of about 5 feet from my face.

Before I had LASIK I talked to a few people who had LASIK before and they all had really good results. I listen to ESPN radio quite a bit, and got a lot of commercials from Dr. Rothman and LASIK of Nevada and there was actually one interview he did where he was doing some question and answer, and after that actually, I thought, “Man, that sounds like it’s a pretty good deal I don’t know…why am I waiting?”

The staff at LASIK of Nevada was as good as you could imagine it possibly being. From the moment you walk in, everybody is extremely respectful, they make you feel comfortable, they realize going in – at least for me – I was a little bit scared, had some questions, and they didn’t have any problem answering any questions I had, and they were okay with you not being sure if you want to do it or not, and they’re perfectly okay if you go in for that consultation and decide, “Eh, I don’t really want to do it.” And that was pretty comforting also. But the questions that they answered and the information they gave made you feel like this is the right place to go, because the staff and doctors all seem terrific.

The day of the procedure, I was extremely excited. I knew that this was gonna be the last time I had to wear glasses…is going in for that procedure. So that’s a really awesome feeling. I was a little bit nervous, but much more excited than nervous.

The actual procedure was terrific. Much better than I had anticipated. It was over within about a minute per eye. It was pretty amazing how fast it was and as far as pain, I actually felt nothing. Everyone asked me, “Did it hurt? Did it hurt?” No, it felt like I was getting a contact put I my eye, so just about like that. A little bit of feeling and it was done.

My results after the procedure I tested as 20/15 vision, which is pretty awesome. It means I can see pretty much anything. I happen to work at a school where students go when they’ve been expelled, and I feel like already I’m able to catch them when they’re doing stuff they’re not supposed to be doing. The kids are even talking about, “Aw man, he had that LASIK, now he can see, he sees everything now!” That’s pretty awesome, and that’s coming from 20/400 vision down to 20/15. As far as night driving, even with glasses, even with the glare protection, I spent as much money as I possibly could on my lenses, I would still have a little bit of trouble driving at night and already its been a week after my procedure, and night driving is phenomenal compared to what is used to be.

As far as the investment goes, I would have been willing to pay actually quite a bit more if I knew the results were going to be this good. You vision is something you’re going to deal with throughout you day, throughout your life. I had no problem paying for that and I was happy to do it. I would tell anyone if they’re thinking about doing it: Yes, it’s worth it, yes you’ve gotta go pay that money. It’s like a drop in the bucket for what you’re getting.