LASIK Review by Patient Named Rachel Nichols

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In this I LOVE MY LASIK! review, Rachel reviews her decision to get LASIK vision correction on her eyes, and why she chose Lasik of Nevada to perform her LASIK surgery.

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My name is Rachel Nichols and I had my LASIK about 6 months ago.

I decided to have LASIK because it was a hassle getting contacts and glasses every 6 months. Being nearsighted, it was very difficult waking up in the morning and not being able to see, having to reach for my glasses, going to the doctors every so often and having to get a new prescription, it wasn’t worth it anymore, so I decided to get LASIK. Before LASIK I used to wear contacts, and after so many years, I decided to switch to glasses because the Nevada weather really irritated my eyes a lot. Even with glasses, they still irritated my eyes, so I decided to go with LASIK.

So, about 5 or 6 years ago, I decided to start looking into LASIK procedures, and put it off for a while, and eventually I decided that it was worth it. And when I did do my research, I searched and Googled the best LASIK in Nevada and LASIK of Nevada popped up and that’s where I went.

I would describe the LASIK of Nevada staff as, “Wonderful.” They welcome you into their home.

So, on the day of the procedure, I was actually extremely excited! And when I got there, the nerves started to kick in. And they helped us out by giving us, what we call a “Happy Pill,” and it really calmed my nerves very quickly, and also the staff and Dr. Rothman. When I got into the room to have the procedure, it was so quick, and I was like, “Is that it?” And I was so excited when we were done, I just wanted to see, I just wanted to open my eyes and be able to see, and it was very exciting. It was a very easy, painless procedure. After the procedure, the doctor had me look up at a clock, and I was amazed at how quickly I could see. Obviously my eyes were watering from just having eye drops in, and the procedure, but it was amazing how much more clear my eyesight was, and even the next day, as soon as I woke up, everything was so clear, it was amazing! I was on cloud nine!

My results are awesome. I have 20/15 vision in both of my eyes, and they continue to feel like they’re getting better! It’s wonderful to be able to see everyday with better vision than what I had before with glasses or contacts.

LASIK has changed my life because not only do I wake up and I can see the alarm clock, but I can see people’s faces clearer. Work is so much easier. I work in retail and to be able to see far away and kind of joke with people and say, “Look how far I can see!” is amazing! Even at home, or just taking a shower and being able to shave your legs, it’s just amazing! You can see everything! And even my husband is jealous, and he’s got pretty good eyesight, but even he is thinking about getting LASIK because it’s just wonderful.

It was definitely worth the investment. The one thing I tell everybody that I recommend to get LASIK is that you cannot put a price on vision. On PERFECT vision. It’s definitely worth it. We spend a lot of money on our vehicles and cars and whatnot, but this is something that I use every single day, and that I’m very grateful for, that we actually went through with investing in this procedure.