I Love My LASIK! – Maricela Cornejo

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Professional boxer Maricela Cornejo shares her experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. In this video, Mari speaks about her decision to have LASIK, the LASIK of Nevada staff, the day of the procedure, her results and how his investment in LASIK has changed his life. (Don’t miss the boxing info at the end!)

My name is Maricela Cornejo, I’m a professional boxer, and I had LASIK done about a year ago.

I decided to have LASIK because I needed my vision in order to beat up my other opponent, and to see my opponent. So it helped me out a lot. People would always ask me how can you see the opponent, and I said, “I would just see a blurry little thing coming at me, and I’m just swinging.” So obviously it was huge when I got the procedure done and it’s helped me out so much more to see my opponent.

The frustrating thing about wearing contacts was them getting dried out while I was in the car with the A/C or something would get in my eye and then I’d have to take my whole contact out and wash them out, sometimes rip, and I’d have to obviously go back to the store and get some more every single month, so that was pretty annoying.

The staff of LASIK of Nevada was awesome! They’re very knowledgeable and any questions that I had, they answered, they checked up on me the day before, the day after, and they made me feel safe, so I really didn’t worry. The procedure itself was interesting.

It was crazy how a little laser can correct your vision, but it was super quick. It was so quick, and prior to the procedure is what takes the longest, but once you’re in there, you’re in you’re out, and go home and sleep…that’s what you want to do is sleep right after!

Life after LASIK is awesome! You wake up every morning…you just wake up and you go on with your day! I love it and I can’t even imagine having to put on contacts every morning and take them out again for the rest of my life. So I’m extremely happy with the decision that I made, and I thank Dr. Rothman and LASIK of Nevada for everything that they have done for me. For the fighting part, it’s helped me out so much!

I obviously can go in and not worry about seeing my opponent blurry or anything like that, and I’m not worried about taking out my contacts before I fight, and it’s great! I see every punch coming in and that’s important in this sport, so that’s life changing for me.

For athletes, I encourage all athletes to get this done because it’s life changing. You won’t regret it, and it’s only going to better you in your sport.