I LOVE My LASIK! – Macy Anderson

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Macy talks about her experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. In this video, Macy talks about her decision to have LASIK, the research she did, the LASIK of Nevada staff, the day of the procedure, her results and why she thinks LASIK was a very good investment.

My name is Macy Anderson, and I had my 6-month check up just yesterday, so it’s been 6 months.

I decided to have my LASIK procedure because I had been wearing glasses since 3rd grade. And I’ve never been able to see really well. And so every time I would have to get up in the morning, I always had to squint to see the alarm clock. Whenever I’d go on vacations I had to remember my glasses, and remember my contacts and contact solution, so it would just be so nice to not have to worry about that anymore.

What was so frustrating with me wearing contacts and glasses is anytime I would play a sport, or go swimming or go on vacation, I would always have to take off my glasses and I was always at a disadvantage because I could never see as clearly without my glasses or contacts. And the constant everyday of putting in my contacts, and dry eyes, and burning eyes. So finally with the LASIK procedure I’m able to see clearly without any of that hassle.

The LASIK of Nevada staff is absolutely wonderful. Dr. Rothman totally put me and the rest of our group at ease. Before the procedure he met with each and every one of us to kind of explain what exactly, step-by-step, what’s going to be happening.

I researched about LASIK eye procedure right when it came out about 10 years ago I was kind of getting interested in it and just talking to different people and getting their opinions on it, if they’ve already done LASIK. Now that I’ve kind of been thinking about it, and looking into it and different doctors, I have come to conclusion that I was finally ready to trust and be able to be confident that it would go really well, and I was right, it did. It was great!

So the procedure itself, I remember it being very painless, and he walked me step-by-step, even during the procedure of what he was going to be doing. It made me feel very comfortable and confident knowing that each step of the way, I knew it was going to take place and what was happening. And I was in and out in no time. It was really quick.

Since the procedure, I now can see 20/15, I’m able to see crystal clear, I don’t need any contacts or glasses, I’m able to wake up in the morning and do not have to worry about putting my contacts in or putting my glasses on. I can see, and it’s just been so glorious.

The LASIK eye procedure was totally worth my investment. I feel like anything permanent, as far as getting my eyes checked and being able to see clearly is totally worth the investment. And you should do it today!