I Love My LASIK! – Kyle

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Kyle talks about his “awesome” experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. In this video, Kyle speaks about his decision to have LASIK, the LASIK of Nevada staff, the day of the procedure, how his wife is safer, his results and how his investment in LASIK has changed his life. (Kyle promised this would be done in one take. . .check the end.)

Hi! My name is Kyle and I had my LASIK procedure done about 3 weeks ago.

So I got glasses when I was in 3rd grade, and I wore them all the way to my sophomore year, and that’s when I got contacts. And then I had contact for about 10 years before I got the LASIK done.

The LASIK staff was awesome. I think I specifically dealt with Debbie. She was just a fantastic lady, really made you feel comfortable, and it was a natural decision to make. And that goes for all of the staff there, even when we met with the doctor, he has a little meeting with you before the procedure. That was nice because he talks with you one-on-one.

The procedure was kind of surreal because, they lay you down, and you float around these machines, and you walk out and you’re done. It’s kind of surprising how flawless it is. The doctor talks you through the procedure and you’re in and out. You get so worked up over just a small period of time.

The results of the LASIK were, I now have 20/20, I think I remember testing slightly better than 20/20. Before that, I don’t really know what I was as far as those numbers go, I just know that I didn’t register on the chart because my vision was pretty bad. They show the giant “E,” the single letter “E” on the wall, and I couldn’t make that out. So to go from that to 20/20, or even slightly better, pretty amazing.

I’m sure there’s some husbands out there that can relate to me because my wife would sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night, hear a sound, she’ll wake me up of course, I’m the man of the house, I have to go check. And before, that meant getting up, putting your contacts in, and the whole time I’m thinking “If there really was a guy in the house, like’ we’re smoked because there’s just no chance. Because I’m taking so long.” But now, I don’t know it that’s a benefit to anybody except me, but I can wake up and I can see immediately and it’s really enjoyable, I like it a lot. And for me, I knew I had to do LASIK, kind of bite the bullet upfront, but in the end it would payoff, it was really my line of thinking.