Janelle Call’s Patient Review

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In this I LOVE MY LASIK! review, Janelle shares her experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. She reviews the following:

  • Why she decided to have LASIK
  • frustrations of pre-LASIK world
  • Her research
  • the LASIK of Nevada staff
  • the day of her procedure
  • her results
  • LASIK as an investment

My name is Janelle Call and I had LASIK done about 6 months ago.

I decided to have LASIK because I’ve worn glasses on and off over the years, my vision wasn’t ever really bad to where had to wear them all the time but I hated wearing them, so I just never would wear them, and apparently I thought squinting was really attractive. The thing I hated most about wearing glasses was I would lose them, I would forget where they were, they were always scratched up because I never took very good care of them, and I was really actually too scared to wear contacts. I hated the thought of ever touching my eyes.

I researched LASIK by going online, and talking with my sister in-law who had it done.

I would describe the LASIK of Nevada staff as very friendly and they were very helpful in answering any questions I had and making me feel comfortable for sure.

On the day of the procedure, I went in and had a while to wait, I was very, very nervous! I was just about ready to run out the door! I was beyond nervous. I had to wait a while and through the procedure itself, I was, again, SUPER NERVOUS, squeezing the stuffed animal that they give you – about half to death. But actually going through the procedure, I remember being so surprised at how quick it was. And I am a HUGE sucker when it comes to pain or anything like that. I can’t…I’m a wimp! It was so quick and over so fast, I remember feeling so much relief and thinking, “Wow, that was it? I can’t believe that was it!”

A couple of things that have been really cool since I got my procedure done, I’ve noticed going for walks, and being able to see sunsets really well. Also, the funniest thing: sitting in the back of church and actually see the numbers for the songs and the faces of the people getting up and talking, rather than just distinguishing them by their voices.

It was definitely worth the investment for me. It was something I was quite nervous about just because, you know, it’s your eyes! But it was something I would definitely do again, and I absolutely recommend to all my friends and family.