I Love My LASIK! – Dede Fifield

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Dede Fifield shares her experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. In the video, Dede speaks about her decision to have LASIK, the LASIK of Nevada staff, the day of the procedure, her results and how her investment in LASIK has changed his life. (Was there more to the story? Check the outtake.)

My name is Dede Fifield, and I had my procedure done about 8 weeks ago.

So I researched the LASIK procedure for a couple years before I actually decided to have it done because I was a little nervous about somebody messing with my eyes, because it’s not like you can just go and buy a new pair if it doesn’t work out. And I finally decided to just go for it and have it done.

I was farsighted, but with the contacts I had trouble reading because of the way the prescription was in them. So I was having trouble reading, if I would just sit down to read a book or read a magazine, or also reading things on my computer screen at work. They were a pain. The contacts I wore were Monovision and so when I went in to have my consultation, they fitted me with glasses that I kind of walked around the office in to see how Monovision, if I had the LASIK procedure for Monovision, how my eyes would react to that. And I could see a lot better, even with those Monovision lenses they gave me. And so I went ahead with the Monovision procedure and I can see better now with the LASIK Monovision procedure that I had than I could with my contacts.

The LASIK of Nevada staff was great! They were very knowledgeable and with all the questions I had, they were able to answer them all to where I felt comfortable because I was very nervous about having the procedure done. And they were really good about answering all the questions and making me feel comfortable to have the procedure.

The day of the procedure, I went in to sign all the paperwork and do all the initial prep work, and then I went back for the procedure itself and it was really fast, really easy. Dr. Rothman was great! He talked to you a little bit about the procedure itself and explained to you how everything was going to be. He has a great sense of humor, he talked me through the procedure itself, and it went really well. It was really fast and easy.

I would totally recommend this procedure to anyone who has vacillated with keeping their glasses or having the procedure done because it is worth it, and I have recommended it to a lot of my friends already, who are now thinking about having the procedure done.