I Love My LASIK! – Dan Stern

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Dan Stern shares his experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. In this video, Dan speaks about his decision to have LASIK, the LASIK of Nevada staff, the day of the procedure, his results and how his investment in LASIK has changed his life. (There’s some funny stuff at the end. . . don’t miss it!)

Hello, my name is Dan Stern, and I had my LASIK procedure done approximately 4½ weeks ago.

Prior to having LASIK surgery, I wore glasses, I was chained to a pair of glasses. I had tried contact lenses, even 15 years ago, I was unable to get those little boogers in my eye. There’s nothing Dan can’t do, I could not get contact lenses into my eyes.

You know, my complete experience there with everybody who worked there, they were professional, they were easy to talk to, they were very accommodating, and it was a pleasure to go into a place and to be treated with respect that I was treated there.

I would describe the procedure as very fast! It does not take any amount of time at all, I was actually pretty amazed. I previously thought that it’s going to take a couple of hours with the doctor in my eye, and literally the procedure takes, I think, less than 10 minutes. From a results standpoint, literally, the second I got off after the procedure was over, of course, the doctor put little drops in my eyes, he said “Okay, open your eyes,” and he asked me if I could see my watch, and it was an OMG moment for me! Because I have not been able to see my watch in 40 years. So that was like, “Wow, I don’t have to pick up my glasses the second I get up in the morning, and that’s a freedom in itself. I don’t want to get out of the shower, I don’t want to dry my face and reach for my glasses again, because my vision was that bad. It’s just such a tremendous difference not having to wear a pair of glasses and the freedom that I have from that.

You know, I just decided, it was just an investment in me and my health and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

I also got a 50% discount on a pair of Wiley X glasses! The reason I say that is because I used to envy people who got to wear sunglasses. I was unable to wear, go pick up a decent pair of sunglasses and put them on unless I had a clip-on for my glasses. And so that’s just an extra added bonus.