I LOVE My LASIK! – Andrew Spillman

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Andrew shares his experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. In this video, he talks about his decision to have LASIK, the research involved in making the decision to go ahead with LASIK, the staff at LASIK of Nevada, the day of the procedure, his results and the investment in his health care.

My name is Andrew Spillman, I had my procedure about 8 months ago. I decided to have LASIK because I was very nearsighted. It caused issues with driving just everyday life. I could see the top “E” on the chart and that was probably about it.

Before I had my LASIK procedure, I wore glasses all throughout high school and contacts after high school, so it’s been about 10 years that I’ve been wearing contacts, and I absolutely despise contacts and glasses altogether.

Before I got my LASIK procedure I really had decided to get it about two years before I got the procedure done. I wanted to do a lot of research and get the best surgeon, the best team and the best facility that I could because they’re my eyes, and I wasn’t going to take any chances. So it took me about two years to really nail down where I wanted to get the procedure done.

The frustrating part about wearing glasses and contacts was just the monotony of it. For me the biggest part was before going to bed and waking up in the morning and having to basically have a whole routine before I go to bed to take out my contacts, which woke me up and made it difficult to fall back to sleep. And then waking up I had to wake up wash face, get my eyes ready for this plastic object to go in my eye was just a pain, and it’s been great not to have to do that since then.

The LASIK of Nevada staff is what really what made the decision for me to get my procedure done at LASIK of Nevada versus another facility. From the moment I walked in, I felt at ease and I felt like their goal for me as a patient was not to get me to do LASIK, but to get me to feel comfortable with whatever decision I made, whatever I did with my eyes, I thought that was their goal, and they achieved it. I felt very, very comfortable and wanted to get my procedure done there and know that I was going to feel comfortable for years to come.

So the day of the procedure, I was nervous, but felt at ease because of all the appointments I had had beforehand knowing that they had done all the research on my eyes and had done everything as far as the mapping and everything that needed to be done to my eye to get an accurate procedure done. And then after sitting in the office with Dr. Rothman for the pre-op consultation I just felt like I was in the right place to get my eyesight fixed.

The actual procedure took less than a minute an eye. It was very, very quick. It was as simple as staring at a dot for 60 seconds an it was over. It was really a lot of build up and not a lot of stress during the actual procedure. And Dr. Rothman did a great job of coaching me through it and making me feel at ease throughout the brief procedure.

So my results now are fantastic! I’m 20/15. I can see every sign when I’m driving. I don’t have to worry about putting on glasses when I get in the car, or waking up to put in my contacts. It’s really fantastic.

LASIK was the best investment I’ve made in my healthcare in my entire life. It has been such a huge change for my life and just my day to day you don’t think of it as you’re putting in contacts everyday and taking them out every night, you really don’t think of the investment that LASIK can provide. It’s amazing! I would recommend it to anyone, and I have recommended it to everyone who will listen. As much as I was nervous about it and wanted to do my research, I am a true testament to the procedure and that it works and it’s great and it’s well worth it. I would have paid double what I paid.