I LOVE My LASIK! – Andrea Tierney

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In this I LOVE MY LASIK! video, Andrea shares her experience as a LASIK of Nevada patient. She talks about her decision to have LASIK, her research, the LASIK of Nevada staff, the day of the procedure, her results and how she looks at her investment in LASIK. And check the end of the video, where she REALLY is excited about her new vision!

Hi! My name’s Andrea Tierney, and I had my LASIK procedure 4 months ago. So, I decided to have LASIK because after moving from Australia to Las Vegas and living in the desert for 5 years, my eyes did not want to wear contact lenses anymore. I was sick of the dry eye and the problems I was having with contact lenses, and I knew about LASIK and had been considering it for many years so decided why not bite the bullet and just do it?

So before I had my LASIK procedure I was wearing contacts. I’d work contact lenses for probably about 17 years, and it had been fine, my vision was good with the contacts but it was always just really annoying having to think about them, having dry eye made contact wearing really uncomfortable. I do a lot of international travel so travelling on planes with contact lenses was really a nightmare, and I just wanted to get my vision corrected.

So I guess I’d been thinking about doing LASIK for a long, long time, probably about 10 years. My best friend had LASIK done 10 years ago, and I was really jealous of that, but I don’t know why I didn’t go ahead and do it then. I guess I was just thinking, “I’ll put up with the contacts.” And then when I moved to Vegas and my eye couldn’t tolerate contacts anymore, I’d just had enough and decided it was time to do it and time to get my vision corrected altogether. I did a bit of research looking around online and talking to my friends who had the procedure done, and no one could understand why I wasn’t just going ahead and doing it.

When I went into the offices of LASIK of Nevada, I just instantly felt comfortable, the staff were really friendly, the atmosphere was friendly and light. It didn’t feel medical, it felt like everyone was taking a personally interest in me and I just felt comfortable asking the questions I needed to ask., and I got all the information I needed to get to make the decision to have my LASIK procedure.

The day of the procedure, I was pretty nervous going in there. I wasn’t nervous about the actual procedure, I was just nervous about the outcome whether I would achieve what I needed to achieve and what I wanted to achieve. I felt really comfortable once I’d had a chance to talk to Dr. Rothman and go through the benefits, the pros and the cons, and basically his advice was, you’ve got to make an individual decision, if the benefits outweigh the negatives, then go for it.

The procedure itself was absolutely amazing! Literally a couple of minutes per eye, maybe not even that. So there’s a lot of lead up, and a lot of eye testing beforehand to make sure that everything is right and everything is perfect, but the actual procedure just flew by. I don’t know of any other procedure that can have such a dramatic impact on your life that is that quick and that effortless.

The results of my LASIK procedure are absolutely incredible. So I went home that day, I slept it off, and I woke up later that night and I could see, which was a really incredible feeling. And the next morning when I went for my retest I had 20/20 vision, and since then I have 20/15 vision. So I’m pretty happy about that.

Having the LASIK procedure done has definitely changed my life. It seems so small, but the impact is really great. Not having to worry about renewing contact lens prescriptions and the constant rubbing of my eyes, and the damage that long-term I may have been doing by always having my fingers in my eyes and the irritation involved with that, not even having to worry about that is really incredible.

The investment to have LASIK done is small considering the gains that you get. I felt for me that long-term, 17 years of contact lens buying, really, the cost of having the procedure done did not deter me at all. I wanted to pay a good price for my LASIK because I feel like you get the job that you pay for, so I wasn’t really looking for cheap and unrealistic. I just wanted a fair price and to know that I was getting the best job by the best team and the best surgeon, and that’s exactly what I got.