How Old Do I Have To Be To Qualify For LASIK?

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Dr. Rothman of LASIK of Nevada explains how old you have to be to qualify for the LASIK procedure:

I’m often asked, “How old do you have to be to have the LASIK procedure?” Well, in my practice, the age range is 18 to 81.

In fact, just this morning I had a phone call from a father who asked me about his daughter who’s 14-years-old, and the explanation I gave him is that at 14, the eye is still growing, so the prescription can still change. So I advised him to wait until his daughter was age 18 to have the procedure done, which will get a better result.

And just last week I had the privilege of treating my second 81-year-old patient, who was a delightful lady, who got a great result, and her life was changed forever as a result of the LASIK procedure. And we don’t discriminate based on age.

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