How is Custom LASIK Different from Conventional LASIK?

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Custom LASIK vs Conventional LASIK If you’ve ever heard the terms custom and conventional LASIK, you may be wondering what the difference is and which procedure would be best for you. Conventional LASIK, also referred to as standard LASIK, are descriptions of the computer program that is used by the laser to change the shape of your cornea. These are typically older computer programs where the patient’s glasses prescription is the main factor used by the computer to change the shape of the cornea. This means that two completely different people who would have the same glasses prescription would get the exact same change to their corneal shape.

About Conventional LASIK

In contrast, conventional LASIK makes use of a more sophisticated way of measuring your eye prior to surgery. A wave scan, or specialized map, is determined using an instrument known as an aberrometer. This instrument doesn’t only measure your glasses prescription but also a variety of other optical properties of your eye that can’t be measured with a basic glasses fitting. What results is an optical “fingerprint” of your eye. The computer then uses the data to fix all the optical aberrations of your eye during the operation. No two treatments are exactly the same for patients or even between your two eyes. Results from clinical trials of this procedure have shown that more patients tend to achieve 20/20 vision or better with conventional LASIK.

Is Custom Treatment Always Necessary?

Custom Lasik is arguably the best way to reshape your cornea to correct your vision. However, not all patients are candidates for this procedure. Patients who have small pupils, myopia, high degrees of astigmatism, or those interested in monovision treatments are usually outside the treatment ranges for custom surgery. Related: Am I a Good Candidate for the LASIK Procedure? Conventional LASIK, however, is a remarkably effective surgery that offers a great option for laser vision correction. While many patients do benefit from the additive effects of customized technology, it can benefit some more than others. Many patients wonder if they really need to opt for custom treatment, or if the more cost-effective conventional LASIK will be adequate for them. This is really a clinical judgment based on several factors. For patients who require larger corrections, or who have pre-existing night vision problems or larger pupils, custom LASIK has significant proven benefits over conventional methods. Based on real-world experience, though, conventional surgery is still a very good option for patients with satisfactory night vision and basic vision problems.

When Custom LASIK is Most Recommended

  • When patients have astigmatism or larger correction of nearsightedness
  • When patients have larger pupil sizes
  • When patients aren’t satisfied with their current night vision
  • When patients are seeking the best possible results and most advanced technology

When Custom LASIK is Most Recommended

  • When patients are not satisfied with their overall vision with contacts and glasses
  • When patients have a moderate or mild amount of astigmatism or nearsightedness
  • When patients have normal pupil size measurements
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