Dr. Rothman Introduces Several Patient Testimonials

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Hear from some of the happy patients’ stories. How they are contented and satisfied with their LASIK procedure:

I’m Dr. Richard Rothman of LASIK of Nevada, Nevada’s Lasik leader. I wanted to tell you a little bit about my practice, a little bit about laser vision correction. But, first I’d like you to hear from some of our happy patients who can tell you how laser vision correction has changed their lives for the better:

“Oh I don’t wear glasses at all now I can read I do my computer work, at work and without glasses is whatsoever 200-300 percent better. Like I said, now I can actually read the newspaper. Before even with my glasses I had trouble reading newspaper, now I don’t need glasses to read the newspaper or anything whatsoever. Well, the staff at LASIK of Nevada has been nothing but great to me, they’re very courteous, their professional, they do a great job.”

From Melvin E.: “I think I got tired of wearing glasses, contacts were never really good for me so. I decided to get rid of the glasses, the procedure itself was a was pretty easy. I thought it was all more difficult, more steps to. It took like they said you know like about 5 minutes. It didn’t hurt no pain it just went by really smoothly. Other results so far have been great yesterday, after surgery I saw a little fuzzy.

Today this morning I could see excellent pretty good like if I had my glasses on the staff had LASIK of Nevada was really helpful. They were very nice, took care of me, you know they answered any question I had and overall. I you know they were excellent getting this procedure done I think is going to change my life in ways um you know I at night even at night with my glasses I couldn’t see very well when I was driving I was kind of scared to drive it I think with this LASIK surgery I’ll be able to drive better and you know see the world well more clearer now.”

“Hi I’m Judy Lohse and I had it, about three years ago and I had it because I was really tired of every time I watch TV I could see the rims of my glasses and Dr. Rothman just love him from the beginning you know he is just very intelligent I found out about him on the web and I wanted to find out what he did you know and everything before I had my eyes done I found out he actually taught at a college and he has you know just got a very good record. well it’s worth it it’s like a miracle.”

“Hi my name is Mark Lohse and I just had a PRK procedure yesterday my wife had LASIK about 3 years ago and she had a wonderful experience, and I wanted the same experience but was not a candidate for LASIK. So, when I came in, Dr. Davis who is with the staff here suggested that PRK would be good for me. I went home last night expecting to have pain and had no pain whatsoever and who and I was really excited, because I thought I was just one the strange ones that couldn’t have LASIK until Dr. Rothman also told me that he has very thin corneas.

So that made me feel real good and oh the staff at Lasik of Nevada is excellent and I don’t just say that from meeting them one time because we have been Dr. Rothman’s patients for 3 years and so we have known Dr. Davis she’s the optometrist that’s in here and we come back in for regular check-ups and they are doctors of preference that’s why we came back from. I wouldn’t consider any other doctor for this.”

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