Deanne S., Eyesight: 20/60, Nearsighted with Astigmatism

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As a homemaker with children, Deanne has her hands full LASIK Las Vegas cost taking care of all the needs of her family. She came to us because she noticed that her vision was fuzzier in the left eye than the right eye. She wanted better vision in both eyes to help her with her daily tasks at home, especially sewing. She came to us as a referral from another happy patient and was really excited about getting her eyes done.

Deanne was actually a little more nervous than the average patient, but because she was highly motivated, I was not concerned that she would do a good job during her procedure. Her LASIK procedure was textbook perfect, and she was much more relaxed after the procedure was completed successfully. On the day after her procedure, she told me that she had quite a bit of tearing in both eyes on the previous night, and was a little concerned about this. We discussed the fact that it’s not at all unusual to have some tearing after LASIK – especially during the first night – and that these extra tears actually assist in the healing process and are really beneficial. I could see that she felt a lot better once we discussed this, and also because the tearing had gotten so much better on its own as compared to the night before.

When we checked her vision, she was 20/20 but felt that the letters were still a little bit fuzzy. I explained that this was normal, and that the vision would improve both hourly and daily over the next several days as the usual tiny amount of microscopic swelling disappeared. Since she was so young, I let her know that this process would probably happen much faster than it would to someone who was my age (over 50). She left the office very happy and relieved and delighted to begin her new life with her new eyes.