Brian K., Eyesight: 20/150, Nearsighted with High Astigmatism

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As a police sergeant, Brian spends a great deal of time at work using his eyes for both near and far tasks. Because he is 40 years old, he started to notice that he needs reading glasses to see better up close. After hearing about LASIK of Nevada from several friends at work, he decided he would come in for a consultation to see if he was a candidate for the procedure.

Previously, he had been told that he was not a candidate for LASIK because his corneas were too thin. After a thorough evaluation, we agreed that his corneas were indeed too thin for LASIK, so we offered him the PRK procedure instead. PRK uses the same laser to treat the same tissue (the cornea, or front surface of the eye), the only difference is that there is no need to create a corneal flap as in LASIK. We performed his procedure successfully last Friday, and what was truly amazing was that he could see 20/20 on his first day after the procedure even though we usually expect post-PRK vision to be in the neighborhood of 20/70 on the first day. In other words, Brian was seeing letters that were six lines smaller than we expected him to see on the first day after his PRK procedure. He and his wife were simply ecstatic after he read this tiny line of letters so quickly after the procedure, and it was at this time that they told me that she also wants to get the procedure done. This happens all the time.

Once a husband or wife gets the procedure done and loves the result, their spouse is usually not too far behind in wanting to get their eyes done also. I take pride in my work and try my best to give each patient the best possible result. Patient referrals (especially spouse referrals) are the greatest compliment that I can receive from my happy patients.