Dr. Rothman Talks About “All Laser LASIK”

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All laser LASIK, how it does work? Dr. Richard Rothman talks about what is all laser LASIK, and which he preferred to use during operation:

A question I’ve been asked a lot lately is, “What about our laser LASIK? What is that? How it does work?”. Well, our laser LASIK uses the same laser that everybody else uses to reshape the surface of the cornea correct your vision, the differences instead of using traditional machine to create the flap is used as the laser, so I think the best analogy to use is will save us what somebody came to you and said I had this amazing new laser tech it does exactly what the regular laser, but its a laser. its no better is no better results but cost ten times as much which would you use? I’ll you which one I would use how do the traditional, which has been around for a hundred years much like a traditional flap making machine that around for 15 years, its tried true predictable and safe and its the machine I would use on myself and my family.

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