A Video Testimonial From Mark About His PRK Procedure

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Mark Lohse: All the staff of Lasik of Nevada are excellent. I wouldn’t recommend any other PRK procedure than LASIK of Nevada have done to me:

Hi my name is Mark Lohse and I just had a PRK procedure yesterday. My wife had LASIK about three years ago and she had a wonderful experience and I wanted the same experience but was not a candidate for LASIK. So, when I came in, Dr. Davis who was with the staff here, suggested that PRK would be good for me. I went home last night expecting to have pain and had no pain whatsoever and I was really excited because I thought I was just one the strange ones that couldn’t have LASIK, until Dr. Rothman also told me that he has very thin corneas so that made me feel real good. The staff at Lasik of Nevada is excellent and I don’t just say that from meeting them one time because we have been Dr. Rothman’s patients for three years and so, we have known Dr. Davis she’s the Optometrist that’s in here and we come back in for regular check-ups and there are doctors of preference that’s why we came back for mine I wouldn’t consider any other doctor for this.

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