A Video Testimonial by Phil R.

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“The LASIK procedure is a piece of cake”. Here is Phil R.:

You know I looked into LASIK all the Lasik doctors that were here in Vegas and after doing a lot of research I decided on dr. Rothman and Lasik of Nevada because of his experience in the equipment that he has the Lasik procedure was a piece of cake. The staff here’s friendly they put you at ease, I was a little nervous you know I’d worn glasses all my life and contacts for 30 years and I was a little nervous about it but they put you at ease and it was a very very easy procedure. It’s easier than getting your teeth cleaned. You know my vision was 2,200 I could barely read the “E” on the eye chart, the minute I sat up after the procedure it was 20/20, the next day it was still 20/20, 1 week later its 20/15, Its been 20/15 for over a year and it’s not going to change.

Unbelievable well you know getting LASIK was probably one of the biggest things I ever could have done for myself. I wore contacts and glasses since I was a kid, having LASIK now I don’t need anything at all, I don’t need reading glasses, I don’t need any kind of glasses, it’s just been the freedom is just unbelievable you know. I’m an outdoor guy, I scuba dive, I ride motorcycles and the freedom of not having to worry about your contacts or glasses when you’re doing those things, it’s just so I mean the peace of mind is just unbelievable it really is life-changing to get Lasik done.

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