A Video Testimonial By Nahum R.

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“Professional! Fast! Efficient! And I’am very HAPPY!”. Here is the complete statement of Nahum R.:

I chose LASIK of Nevada because it has a bigger, a better reputation online. It had better reviews and other offices, the service was very professional, fast, efficient. They made you feel comfortable and very happy I expect LASIK to change my life by not having to put wear my glasses looking for my glasses or trying to shove my contacts and it’s it’s pretty uncomfortable so also going to the beach or swimming in the pool not having to wear contacts it’s a big risk so I feel it’s going to change it good way.

The procedure itself it wasn’t more than 10 minutes it was around 2 to 3 minutes per I it wasn’t painful and it was and painful at all. I would recommend LASIK of Nevada because the risk is really though there’s a really minimum risk and the rewards are really big I just had the surgery a couple hours ago and I could already see better.

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