A Video Testimonial by Karly B

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“I love the staff, the doctors is always here”. Let’s hear it from Karly:

I chose to come to Lasik of Nevada because I did research all over. I even was going to go to California and had the procedure done, I’ve been to a couple places I love the staff, the doctor was always here. It wasn’t one of those places you just come in have no idea what you’re getting into. They made everything very comfortable and answered all the questions, is it was just a good choice for me, oh the service was excellent all the staff was extremely friendly. They made you feel as comfortable as possible, they went over and everything with the procedure the medications.

What are some of the side effects? They told you some of the scary things and but also let you know the percentage and the likelihood of those things happening, and they just made you feel extremely comfortable. The procedure took maybe 2 minutes, 3 minutes at the most laid you down got you on them and everything was just very comfortable.

I play pool so I expect to change my life extremely positive because, I you know getting down the pool table it’s really hard to do the double vision glasses thing so you know. I just I have a son who’s already broke two pairs of glasses in the past 3 months so it’s going to save me money, it’s going to see me time at the doctor’s office it’s just going to be a great improvement I would get Lasik done at Lasik of Nevada, because like I said the staff is extremely friendly they made you feel comfortable they let you know the price was great, the doctor was really nice. Dr. Rothman made you feel comfortable he talked to you before the procedure after the procedure he was involved in every step of the way it was just a nice clinic to come to.

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