10 Best Cities in USA for Good Eye Health

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10 Best Cities In USA For Good Eye Health

If you are one of the 166 million Americans in need of vision correction, or extremely prone to allergies and other weather-induced irritants, the environment you live in will have an enormous impact on your eyes. Here are some useful tips about geographical locations that support good eye conditions and a list of 10 cities that stack right on top as the Best Cities To Live In For Good Eye Health.

A good rule of thumb when choosing an eye-healthy city is to look Southeast and Pacific Northwest.

Tacoma (WA) tops the 100 largest metro areas in the USA, based on considerations like altitude, pollution, humidity, wind factor, extreme seasonal temperature swing, etc.

Low-altitude living – cities like Tacoma (WA) and Sarasota (FL) — are a good choice for people with chronic eye problems. This is because of high levels of oxygen in the air that supports clear vision and keeps eyes moist.

Cities that receive a lot of suns carry a significant risk of sun damage. There are some places like Seattle (WA) and Portland (OR) on the top 10 list, which are perennially cloudy and rainy, but they rank high because they offer comfortably low levels of UV exposure.

Moisture is crucial for good eye health, and humid weather – though they can get pretty unbearable during summers – is highly beneficial. This is why cities like Charleston (SC) and Mobile (AL) have scored high in the top 10 list. Turn on the AC if you live in these cities, and take comfort in the fact that the inhospitable, wet, summer heat is actually keeping your eyes bright and white.

Low pollution is great for overall health. Low levels of ozone and particulates in the air – like in Jacksonville (FL) and Tacoma (WA) – leave eyes feeling comparatively less irritated, even during the seasonal allergy-prone months.

Not surprisingly, how much time you spend staring at a digital screen, has a direct correlation with eye health. Cities like New Orleans (LA) and Mobile (AL) scored well by this parameter because people spend less time on the computer, and therefore cause less eye strain, here.

Interestingly, commute time is a factor when weighing eye-healthy cities against each other. Commuters in cities like Sarasota (FL) and Charleston (SC) typically have short commutes to work, which means their eyes are exposed to fewer road pollutions like exhaust fumes.

Top 10 Cities For Good Eye Health In USA

  1. Tacoma (WA)
  2. Sarasota-Bradenton (FL)
  3. Charleston (SC)
  4. Mobile (AL)
  5. Portland-Vancouver (OR-WA)
  6. San Francisco (CA)
  7. Honolulu (HI)
  8. Jacksonville (FL)
  9. New Orleans (LA)
  10. Seattle-Bellevue-Everett (WA)