The Ultimate Guide
To Lasik

Part 2

Congratulations on continuing your journey to learn more about laser vision correction!

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We have created Part Two of our guide to help those prospective patients like you who wish to gain more information in the following areas like:

In each section you will find additional resources for you to discover. We hope you enjoy!

A final note, the next step for you will be to find out if you are a candidate.

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How Do I Pick the Right LASIK Practice?

When you know you want the clear vision that LASIK can provide, you are ready to choose your LASIK surgeon.

However, we know that choosing the right LASIK practice and surgeon can be a daunting process. There are a lot of factors to consider, from price, to each surgeon’s experience and success rates, to online reputation and more!

So, where do you even begin?

We are here for you to help you make the right decision for your LASIK procedure.

Yes, we would love for you to choose our clinic, but we want to provide you with some objective advice.

To make this process easier, we have provided for you a video of LASIK of Nevada’s surgeon, Dr. Rothman, speaking about how to pick the right LASIK practice for you:

Beyond what you learned in the video, here are some of our quick tips on what to look for in a LASIK practice:

  • Several years of specialized education in the area of laser refractive eye surgery
  • Experience with at least 10,000 LASIK eye surgeries (NOT general eye surgeries)
  • Safety record and positive patient testimonials
  • Knowledge of advanced laser technology and customized LASIK procedures

Online Reputation

One of the best ways to know about a LASIK practice’s reputation is to use patient reviews to see what other patients had to say about their experience with the practice and with their specific surgeon.

You can look at Yelp, Facebook and Google to find these reviews, and you want to ensure that the practice has over 30 reviews total and at least 4.5 stars.

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating





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*reviews as of 10/24/18

Because we truly want to help you find your right surgeon quickly and easily, we have already compiled for you a LASIK Practice Online Reputation Chart that shows how our practice’s online reputation compares to other local LASIK practices in the area. It compares reviews and surgeon experience.

It is your one-stop guide for choosing the LASIK practice that is right for you - and we did all the research for you!

Fill out your name and email below, and we will send you our Online Reputation Chart for FREE.

By the end of today, you could already know what LASIK practice will work for you.

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What is the Cost of LASIK?

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We know that the price of LASIK is an important factor in deciding when you are able to get your procedure.

The general cost of LASIK can range from $1800 per eye to $2500 per eye, and in 2016, the average cost of LASIK was $2,059 per eye, according to All About Vision.

There are options available to you that will make LASIK affordable, including some financing plans that make your payments less than $200 per month.

Here are our best tips for financing your LASIK so that you can get the surgery you need, when you need it:

4-Steps LASIK Financing

Recent studies show that LASIK surgery, in the long run, will actually save you thousands of dollars in vision correction services compared to contact lenses or glasses.

It is also an investment into your future and your quality of life. Your vision is important for your career, your family, and your ability to truly enjoy your life.

The cost of not doing LASIK surgery, is so much more than simple dollars and cents.

To learn more about our pricing and financing plans for LASIK, click here for access. We can help you make LASIK easy and affordable for your budget.

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Walk-through Day of Surgery


  • Please arrange to have a friend come with you so they can drive you home after the procedure. They can also watch the procedure if you want.

Upon arrival you will:

  • Be greeted, complete all necessary paperwork and confi­rm your choice of payment option, laser technology and service plan
  • Spend time with your surgeon who will answer any questions you may have


  • Be prepared for the procedure one eye at a time
  • Be provided with an optional sedative if you are nervous.

STEP ONE - Creation of the LASIK Flap

First, we will numb your eye with local anesthetic drops.

Then a small flap is gently created in the outermost surface of the cornea to allow access to the corneal bed below.

Your surgeon will perform this step of the procedure with one of two instruments:





option 1


option 2



STEP TWO - Reshaping Your Cornea

The goal of LASIK and PRK is to reshape the cornea, the front part of the eye that helps focus light on the retina.

To correct nearsightedness, the cornea is flattened; for farsightedness the cornea is steepened. To correct astigmatism, we use the laser to correct the cornea’s irregular shape.

When it comes to this part of the LASIK or PRK procedure, you have two options, conventional or Custom LASIK.




Both the LASIK and PRK procedures usually take less than 10 minutes from start to finish for both eyes.

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Post-Procedure Care


  • Spend the day relaxing.
  • Follow your post-operative instructions and come to all of your follow-up appointments

Expect to have follow-up visits in:

  • One day
  • Four days for PRK only
  • One week
  • 1-3 months

Many patients are able to resume regular activities like driving within 24 hours of LASIK.

Most patients take one day off to heal and then they are able to go back to work. With PRK, the healing process is longer, so please be prepared to take a few extra days off of work.

We hope you found the Ultimate Guide to LASIK Parts 1 and 2 helpful in navigating your LASIK decision, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions.

Now, our last question is: Are you ready for the visual freedom LASIK can provide you?

Let’s take the next step in your LASIK journey together. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert LASIK surgeons to confirm that LASIK is right for you and move forward with your procedure. Your future is looking crystal-clear - let’s get you the 20/20 vision that will change your life.

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