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Standard LASIK Vision Correction at LASIK of Nevada

Standard LASIK Vision CorrectionStandard LASIK Vision Correction has been called the most popular elective procedure in the history of medicine. This procedure provides the same visual results seen with the Flapless Vision Correction procedure more quickly and comfortably. This was the procedure of choice for patients who want excellent vision as quickly as possible, but has been replaced by All-Laser LASIK in our practice for many years.

All-Laser LASIK Vision Correction at LASIK of Nevada

All-Laser LASIK Vision CorrectionAll-Laser LASIK Vision Correction is safer, more comfortable, and more precise than Standard LASIK and is the most advanced vision correction procedure available today. Many doctors view this procedure as the “next generation” of laser vision correction and most patients achieve their best vision within hours. This is the procedure of choice for patients who want the very best technology for their laser vision correction procedure. The vast majority of patients with healthy eyes will qualify for this procedure, however a very small number of patients with certain eye conditions may instead qualify for Flapless Vision Correction.

“Dr. Rothman is so great. I’ve referred a couple friends to him! I’m giving him 5 stars because my surgery went well, and because of everyone I’ve met is so awesome.” Shay D.