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Cost of Contact Lenses

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The Real Cost of Contact Lenses and Glasses

When it comes to paying for LASIK, many people look short-term and decide that the more cost-effective choice is to stick with contact lenses and glasses. Interestingly, although it may seem that a few hundred dollars here and there each year doesn’t add up to much, the truth is the real cost of contact lenses and glasses far exceeds that of LASIK.

Cost of contact lenses

It’s hard to imagine, but over the next 10 years, many suitable LASIK candidates will spend between $3,000 and $6,000 refilling contact lens prescriptions, getting fitted for lenses, buying lens cleaners, and solution, and purchasing glasses for times when their eyes tire from contact lens wearing. Over a lifetime that cost can be five, six, even seven times as high!

On the other hand, LASIK affordability has greatly improved as the technology has advanced and corrective surgery has become more commonplace. With the lower cost, many people find that LASIK pays for itself in a few short years, and most quality LASIK clinics offer financing to help ease the cost.

Comparative studies have shown that a person in his or her 20s could spend as much as $48,000 on glasses or contact lenses in his or her life. The national average cost of LASIK is only $1,644 per eye — a one-time fee that could prevent all that money from being spent unnecessarily.

Forget about the money! What about lifestyle?

Anyone who has spent time wearing glasses or contact lenses knows the true cost of contact lenses. For some, simply waking up in the morning without glasses on the bedside table can prove to be a dangerous and challenging experience. For others, the everyday ritual of washing, rinsing, blinking, sterilizing, and storing their lenses is an unappealing chore.

What if you could forgo all that without ever having to stop to think about your vision?

That’s what LASIK provides. Studies have proven that over 90 percent of LASIK recipients achieve 20/20 vision after surgery. Longtime glasses or contact wearers are suddenly able to roll out of bed in the morning and walk to the kitchen without stumbling to find their glasses.

Athletes can jump right into the game without swapping glasses for contacts or wearing bulky goggles to cover their eyewear.

Think about this: have you ever traveled somewhere and forgot your contact lens supplies? It’s a hassle most would like to avoid.

LASIK provides people with the opportunity to escape the burdens of contact lenses and glasses. No more sweaty frames sliding down your nose when you’re out for a hike on a hot day. No more emergency visits to the clinic when you lose or break your glasses. Tired eyes and infections can become a thing of the past.

LASIK unburdens people from the limitations and cost of contact lenses or glasses, and restores a quality of life that everyone can enjoy.