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My LASIK Experience

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Las Vegas Lasik Procedure

A patient of ours wrote a very nice piece on her experience working with LASIK of Nevada.  It’s broken down into three sections:

  1. Before My Procedure I am so happy that I chose LASIK of Nevada for my LASIK procedure! Even though many of my friends had LASIK and loved it, when I first started looking for a LASIK doctor, I still had a lot of questions. The other really important thing for me was that I have a very crazy work schedule and I needed to schedule my consultation and my LASIK procedure at very specific times. I called around to quite a few LASIK centers because I wanted to get a sense of who could best fill my needs….
  2. My LASIK Procedure The day of my procedure had finally arrived, and I was filled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Will I feel comfortable the same way that I did last time I was here? How will things go today? Will I get a good result or a great result? Did the doctor have a fight with his wife this morning? Will I chicken out and run out the door? Hey, these are my eyes! When I got to the laser center, I started to feel much better…..
  3. After My LASIK Procedure O.K., I did it. I had LASIK and they told me that I did a good job. Now what? …..We’ve added it to our website for those interested in a detailed step-by-step accounting of what it’s like to go through a LASIK procedure with our company.


“Thank you, Dr. Rothman, for your flawless operation that gave me 20/15 vision, and thank you to the staff that helped me along the way.”Khatherine T.